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Good to Know -- Fiber Artist Carol Ann Waugh

I'd like to introduce you to Carol Ann Waugh, a new friend and inspirational woman. It has been good for me to get to know this popular Colorado fiber artist, teacher and author and I think her excitement about what she and many others are doing in their art careers is inspirational. I first met her at a meeting of the Front Range Contemporary Quilters, which is  group that is dedicated to promoting innovative contemporary quilt making and fiber art for the Colorado art quilt community. Carol is the president of that organization and she was the first fiber artist I sought out in her studio as a new member of FRCQ. It was exciting to see Carol in her own space, and what a hip space she has! Her studio is located in the popular River North art district of Denver.

Carol is the author of popular books on art quilt techniques and folks love to learn in both her actual and virtual classrooms. For instance, as a teacher in the growing Craftsy community, Carol has made available online classes that help us learn her popular techniques, like Stupendous Stitching and Stitch & Slash. It is exciting to know that anyone around the world at any time, day or night, can log into a class taught by Carol and learn a new skill!

Technology like this is helping the time-honored arts of needlework thrive, and that is a juxtaposition not lost on Carol. The art quilt movement thrives because teachers like Carol encourage and equip us to experiment as textile creatives. Experimentation is a big-concept in the quilt world today! I don't think that the repetitive sewing of quilt patterns will ever be on Carol's radar. For one thing, that kind of quilting allows one to know what their final artistic outcome will be, before the first stitch has been taken. Instead, she is a wonderful sisterly guide in helping us all feel comfortable watching our exciting results unfold during the creative process.

Another popular class Carol teaches is truly a celebration in capturing our own creative style and that is the workshop she teaches on Self-Portraits made with fabric. As she so happily tells us, "No particular skills are required (for this workshop) other than the ability to let loose your imagination and have fun. By the end of the day, you will have broken out of your barriers and will approach future compositions with a new-found confidence and freedom to play, create, and be as original as you are -- in your artwork and in life!"

Can you see now why I like Carol and her art so much? Whether or not you live in Colorado, it is easy to learn from the good-to-know expertise Carol has to offer.

Here is some of my favorite pieces by Carol...enjoy!

Please Save the Earth, 48" x 52", Fiber

Tribal Dance, 40" x 58", Fiber
Gyrations, 40" x 40", Fiber

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