Pillow Gallery

For many years I made fiber art for the wall and I loved every minute of it! I still make one-of-a-kind landscapes and vintage-framed needle felts for the wall, but in the past few years, my fiber art has taken a turn toward on-trend, stylish, eco-chic home decor. Pillows with intricate hand-sewn needlework are a bit of a luxury item, especially if you want to pay a fair wage to the crafts person who created it, which I do, no matter where that crafts person lives. I value the needle arts and celebrate the long history of textiles made for home use -- both functional and decorative! This gallery of pillows represents some of the most popular and colorful limited-edition fiber folk art pillows I've created in my Nestle And Soar studio in Colorado. I invite you to let me know if there is a special bird, tree or other natural motif you would love to see in a colorful soft art pillow for your home.

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