Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Raspberry Walls, and Floor, and Counter, and Shirt...

Raspberry wool roving in my studio this morning
Two raspberry moments to pass along today, which is just what you were wishing for but didn't know it!

First raspberry experience involves the new operating rule for blenders here at Nestle and Soar Studios... and yes ...raspberry walls are involved. Here's the tip: when making a raspberry protein shake in your blender, take the canister off of the base while you fill it with yummy goodness. Only place the filled canister on the base AFTER you've firmly attached the lid to said canister. I learned this important rule/tip the hard way when I accidentally touched the start button in the process of adding my frozen raspberries. Yes, my face was covered in raspberry sweetness and so was most of the rest of the vicinity. I'm glad I was able to laugh! Laughing is as important as nutritious beverages!

Examples of my Nestle and Soar Studio note cards.
The second and more tidy raspberry moment happened for me today with wool roving in my studio. I am preparing to make a line of Spring-themed wall felts and decided it would be inspirational to pull out a few gentle colors. What do you think would be the ideal subject matter for this pink/red/orange combination of wool with a Spring theme? Reply with your comment and all respondents will receive one Nestle and Soar Studio note card to use and enjoy! Freebie good while supplies last...tell your friends...I want lots of opinions!

Happy Blending and enjoy thinking about Spring with me today. I will get a variety of my wonderful note cards ready to mail; one card of my choice for each published comment :)

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DGT said...

I am very partial to raspberry. How about some yellow? Daffodils yummy yellow or some cantaloupe colors. Hmm, can you see I am thinking fruity too :) Or Lively lime green?
Since you are the expert artist, you will decide the best I am sure.


MaRyKaY said...

wow your work is great. I am new to needle felting and can only dream to make the likes of your work. I found your blog from your etsy shop. very awesome stuff you have on there.
about the colors I think some light colors of green not a pastel something darker seeing how we all are hoping for an early spring.
When things start turning green is my favorite time of year.
When the robins come to your yard and the male bluebirds start building a home. thank you for some great inspiration