Sunday, January 16, 2011

Healthy Lifestyle? It takes good habits...and some laughter

Happy, Healthy, and Giggling ... that's my motto!
The pile of mail on my office desk is wobbling under the pressure of gravity, aided by a few slick-paper magazines. I at least have the good habit of making a pile of important papers like incoming mail. I used to have to play hide-and-seek to gather everything needed to pay the bills!

When the paper pile makes its way to the top of my priority list, it usually doesn't take long to take care of business. Today I am not sure whether I should laugh or cry about one particular envelope in this slippery slope of communications. Mutual of Omaha wants to sell me cancer insurance. Cancer insurance! A specific policy to cover my costs should I contract cancer. Now I don't want to make anyone feel bad who has already gone the the wringer called cancer. Nor do I want to belittle families that have to rise to the occasion of covering cancer-related expenses for a loved one. I am thankful for my good health. I just have to say though, REALLY? Will we all be expected to have policies to cover specific medical situations, like a broken leg, or a stomach flu in a foreign land? How does the insurance industry get away with trying to scare everyone into stuff like this? Insurance is so expensive. There is my indignation that stems from all the insurance premiums I already pay: homeowners, car (3 cars, 3 people), life, health, business. It is such a large expense, this insurance mentality that the insurance industry has convinced us all we need to participate in so that we are "Responsible" or "Safe".

The giggling started after I finished being irritated by this Mutual of Omaha offer. As I finished sorting my paperwork and stacked my bills to be paid in order of due-dates, I laughed because another habit that I've worked hard to develop is my own little "health assurance" lifestyle. I guess I like to think I am living my life in such a way that all awful illnesses are less likely to be my future reality, even things like broken legs. Healthy eating, lots of exercise, hand-in-latex-gloved-hand relationships with several medical professionals, supplements my doctor has approved (along with Dr. Oz), great sleep, monogamous sex, and plenty of friends. I really do attend to all of this and think of it as my disease prevention/long-happy-life plan. Perhaps this is the best kind of investment one can make to foil the health insurance industry...although...if I stay super healthy, all those insurance premiums are pure profit for them. Those rascals!

Health, Peace, and Happiness to you...and thanks for stopping by,

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