Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Fiber Art -- A Productive January

The fresh energy of January often finds me striving in vigorous ways toward both new and old goals. I always find on my list the goal of "Make Forward Motion!", and January 2013 was no exception. I thought I would share today the fiber art that has captured this vigorous creative energy in my studio during the past 31 days...I would love to hear if you find any of the projects to your liking. Do you find yourself stretching for goals that only you know about? Me too. I'm putting myself on the hot seat today by showing everyone what productivity meant for me this month!

Thanks for stopping by, Georgianne

P.S. Happy Forward Motion!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Buying Art Online -- What to look for and how to have FUN!

I truly thought that after all my kids launched, I'd have tons of time to visit art galleries and take long lunches with the ladies. My youngest is 23 years old and that daydream has not yet materialized!

In today's online economy, the Internet has significantly changed how folks look at art, and making a day of it going door-to-door with your girlfriends, hoping to find the "just right" piece for that weird little hallway corner may be old school. With many thriving online boutiques and galleries available (even on a yucky, rainy-weather day) I can enjoy an artful browse day and night.

My Favorite 3 Tips for Buying Art Online

Number One: Find out how they will ship your art to you

Using the Internet, I can see the work of thousands of artists from around the world! Each artist who endeavors to sell in this manner must by necessity become a direct-to consumer packaging expert. There are lots of ways to package art made using a wide variety of mediums, and while some artists have the best methods figured out, from my experience, you will also have those who use tattered old liquor store boxes (which they have cut down and re-taped using an entire roll of clear adhesive tape!). Opening those makeshift boxes is like breaking into Fort Knox! So know how the artist you like will handle your shipping needs.

Number Two: Communicate with your artists

I always look for an email address to communicate with the artist before I purchase. I like to educate myself about the artwork that I like. I also believe in asking questions. I can tell you from experience that you will make the artist's day by asking him or her to tell you a little more about what they made. Very exciting. I also think it is wise to feel confident about every purchase and know that you can reach this artist and expect professional communications.

Number Three: Measure First

Maybe you are like me and think that you can "eye-ball" measure everything? I've gotten into trouble using this method, which really isn't a method at all because it is so random. For an expensive piece of art, I like to make a quick paper pattern of the art piece I am considering and tack it to the wall. I then walk around and look at the space from other parts of my home. Is that the size you really want, or are you trying to sell yourself on something that you just love, but realize that it doesn't really fit your space? Perhaps you need to consider a new space for the art you love and keep looking for the right-size art on a later day?

I have thoroughly enjoyed selling large wall pieces of my eco-chic wool fiber art to folks in many countries, and over time, I've learned all of the customer-oriented ways to package and deliver art. It is thrilling to sell directly to each person who contacts me, with my art going directly from my hands to their home. Perhaps the Internet helps make our huge world a little more cozy, after all?

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your art-buying efforts! Georgianne

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Audubon Bird Photos --- Top 100 Images of 2012

I am a bird lover. As a bird lover, it seems to me that there are many, many people who are also enthralled by birds. What's that saying, "Like Attracts Like"? Have you ever noticed that when you have something special that is brand new -- a pair of sneakers, shiny new car, or even a pregnant belly -- all of a sudden, you see new shoes, cars and big bellies all around you? When I decided to focus my fiber art three years ago on the natural world, especially birds and trees, I suddenly noticed that all around me are folks who completely understand this passion! To help us all enjoy birds in full color today, I want to pass along the online gallery of Audubon Magazine's Top 100 bird photos from 2012. I have had so much fun reviewing these images captured by three categories of photographers: professional, amateur, and youth. Some of the photos made me say "How did they get that shot?!" Others make me laugh out loud at the winsome personality of these divine creatures.
I would truly enjoy hearing which of these 100 photos is your favorite. (Link here) I do believe that I should begin my artistic fiber art exploration of the majestic Egret...the first photo shown above is called Cattle Egret by Troy Lim. The second photo is called Great Egret by Tara Tanaka. These two are my favorites!