Monday, February 10, 2014

Building Bridges between Artists and Consumers

Hello Fred!
Have you ever wanted to be a patron of the arts? Perhaps you already are, or perhaps you think that this activity sounds a bit stuffy? I have always thought that I need to uplift and support Creatives of all types. I once paid a nickle for my friend's art fair entry. She was devastated, devastated I tell you, that no one wanted to buy her lovely sketch of Fred, the family dog. We were in kindergarten, and even then, I knew that being an art patron was something I'd enjoy!

There are many legitimate reasons to support artists, especially if you are one yourself. I believe that the arts are part of any society that wants to experience true prosperity. The work of artists inspire me to be better: a better person, a better businesswoman, and a better artist. Art helps us express our values. It also helps build bridges between cultures. For example, there are many differences between mothering in Colorado and Nigeria, but there are also huge similarities, and those communion experiences can be celebrated in art. That is a true gift.
I also believe that art and creativity are an important worldwide industry. I know that some artists don't like to be told they are making a consumer product, but I do know that nonprofit arts organizations in the US generate over $160 billion in economic activity annually, supporting 5.7 million jobs and investing in the passionate work of artists in American life. That my friends, is a lot of nickels.

I would like to build a bridge between you and a wonderful new artisan-loving organization on the scene today! is a referral site that showcases curated shops of handmade goods, like the gorgeous pottery made by Niki Crosby of Happy Clay in Richmond, Virginia. The focus of ArtizanMade is on eco-fashion and home decor, and many of the members in this new endeavor are also members of the popular TAFA organization [Textile and Fiber Arts List].

Behind each product on the ArtizanMade website is a story. There are so many loving and powerful stories of creativity in the midst of adversity, or transformational experiences that take an artistic soul and guide them into new experiences with small business dreams. I love being part of these success stories...don't you?
Happy Clay by Niki Crosby, my new favorite artist!
Instead of using my consumer purchasing power to profit a big-box store in 2014, my plan is to find again the sheer joy of supporting my fellow creatives, one Pencil Sketch of Fred at a time! Yes, there is truly joy in being a patron of the arts. I hope that you will join me in this delightful lifestyle via your own computer dial up. In fact, I have decided to become a member of ArtizanMade and add my dreams of artistic living to the chorus.

As ArtizanMade reminds us, "Together we can shape our world into something that makes sense, which is sustainable, beautiful and handmade." Amen

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Rachel Biel said...

Wow, Georgianne! What a wonderful and powerful testament for all of us! Your enthusiasm is contagious and I feel so enriched by having had you in my life these past few years. Thank you so much for all of your support, vision and sense of camaraderie!

I am feeling blessed and quite moved!

Siamese Dream Design said...

Beautiful Georgianne, here's to building artistic bridges.

Robert W Davis said...

Very heartfelt thoughts. Thanks for the link and thanks for your support for artists

ArianeMariane said...

Great call out! I totally agree with you and try to support artistes whereever I can. It's such a great feeling, having original and one of the kind items aroud me. They have a soul and a history.
On ArtizanMade there are sooo many beautiful items, great to find a gift for others or myself.

paula said...

I appreciate this article Georgianne! I survive solely on my art sales and believe me I live sparsely!!! (i would regardless but with less worry and stress I suppose if I had a secure paycheck). I remember reading that an artist needs about 100 collectors to 'make it' (survive, flourish etc). were it not for the continued support from my group of peeps i wouldnt have been able to continue emotionally or financially depending on the month. I am new to artizan made...and i killed my blog a few months ago but you have reinspired me to perhaps revive it :)

Georgianne Holland said...

Thank you Rachel, Siamese Dream Design, Robert, ArianeMariane and Paula! Let's keep this conversation and energy flowing :-)

Mariposa Handwovens said...

What a beautiful testament to artists and their creations. I treasure each and every piece I have chosen and bought from the artist who handmade it. Whether it be jewelry, pottery, paintings, or handwoven kitchen towels, these are without a doubt my most prized possessions.

Diane McGregor said...

Wonderful post. Well written and communicating a great message.

Diane McGregor said...

Wonderful blog, well written and communicating a great message.

Mariposa Handwovens said...

Wonderful statement! My most treasured possessions are creations of the many artists whose paths I have had the good fortune to cross.

Georgianne Holland said...

Thank you Mariposa Handwovens and Diane McGregor! Buying handmade is truly like letting the precious talents of another person into your home. I also treasure the handmade items I've collected over the years, and my children also love them and count them as prized items with real meaning.