Friday, December 28, 2012

New Fiber Art on my Table

The cold winds are blowing here in Colorado today, and I'm keeping my hands warm with one of my favorite things, hand embroidery. The working of many stitches on a soft mid-tone grey linen is a great way to keep my hands moving and warm. Each colorful wool felt circle is being stitched with a lovely Valdani pearl cotton in a softer shade of grey. Isn't it inspirational to have a wide variety of lovely threads spread in front of you as you create? I get a little rush of excitement when the colors and the textures are all within reach like this! I hope you have something as colorful to help you keep warm where you are today...Thanks for stopping by, Georgianne

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Studio View -- Vertical Storage

I am working on new ways to display my nature-inspired pillows and thought I would group them in the studio today as step number one. The display idea that has kept me awake since 4am is to use a clear acrylic shelf-like box that attaches to the wall like a picture frame. I could place the pillow inside the clear box for easy viewing, and the pillows would not be able to shift or fall over. Don't you love the idea of vertical storage? This idea would allow me to display dozens of pillows in minimal space! This is a great project for this snowy day in Colorado....Georgianne

Western Tanager Needle Felt Pillow

Aspen Grove Needle Felt Pillow

Red Bird Tree Needle Felt Pillow

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My Favorite Creations Today

Vintage Peacock Fiber Art

How do you decide what your "favorite" of anything is? Is it the thing that is part of your current interests? Is it the thing that was very hard to come by, and therefore has a built-in satisfaction level? For me, I get a rush of energy when I am around my favorites, whether that be my favorite people, places or things! Do you get that rush of positive energy?

I want to share two items that make my heart sing. When I began making each item, I did not have a firm plan in place for the end product. Don't you love working like that? To me, it is like being open to what happens, instead of being determined to force something in particular to happen. I love the energy of that creative flow.

The first item began as an ornate and shabby vintage frame. After it was cleaned up and painted a bright and glossy purple, it was time for me to create fiber art. I have been playing around with printing my images onto fabric. This is a photo of a magnificent peacock that I printed onto cotton fabric. I added some sparkle with seed beads, thinking "If a peacock in full plumage cannot sparkle, who can?".

Aspen Grove Fiber Art Pillow

The next item represents a favorite place for me: the mountains of Colorado in the midst of an Aspen Tree grove. I love the towering presence of those trees, but I especially love the sound you hear when you are near them...the quaking sound.

This needle-felt and applique pillow was made to recreate that feeling -- the one where you are standing on a mountain and you look over a gently sloping field, and just beyond the aspen trees, you see another glorious royal-blue mountain range. Have you ever been there? I'd love to hear about it.

Thanks for stopping by,

Friday, September 21, 2012

International Day of Peace and Peace Felt 2012

Today is International Day of Peace, sometimes unofficially known as World Peace Day. It is dedicated to peace, and specifically the absence of war and violence, such as might be occasioned by a temporary ceasefire in a combat zone for humanitarian aid access. The day was first celebrated on September 21, 1982, and is kept by many nations, political groups, military groups, and peoples. I pray that the calm that could wash over all peoples on a day like today is an energy that becomes our human standard for life on Earth!

To join in on the celebration and prayers for peace around the world, I am a member of Peace Felt 2012. Have you heard about this initiative for artists?

As a member of Peace Felt, today I will be mailing a handmade felted item to a randomly assigned person who lives in the Netherlands and who also loves felting and peace: another member of the Peace Felt initiative! In turn, someone else I have never met (who lives in Ohio, I understand) will be sending me a felted item today that they have handmade, and that is very exciting, don't you think? This project is not just about sharing art; it is about making time to connect with two new friends -- perhaps living halfway around the world -- and sharing our common interest in living on a peaceful planet.

Another way I will be celebrating Peace today is by consciously releasing judgement about what other people say, do, or believe. Instead of thinking about why they should change their attitude, behavior, or hair style, I will appreciate the unique impact that the folks I interact with today make on the world and my life. I try not to be a judgemental person, and today I will celebrate that in full awareness! I believe that peace around the world begins with peace in my own heart...

I send you my warmest wishes for Peace in your life, in your neighborhood, and in our shared world.

Thanks for stopping by,

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Color or Craftmanship in Needlework: Which is more important?

Robin Pillow by Georgianne Holland
The pursuit of simple elegance in hand-stitched needle arts is an important part of my life as an artist and business woman. I often find my most satisfying expression of fine craft skills as I fill my entire worktable with piles of colorful wool roving, wool crewel yarn, and sketches of lovely birds! Creating unique textiles, like my line of Bird Pillows in the Nestle and Soar studio, is my joy and my work. Isn't it lovely to have both joy and work fill the same spot in life?

Many of the eco-chic pillows I make showcase birds that come from my whimsical imagination, and others are my needle-felt depiction of real birds, like the Western Tanager or every one's favorite Bluebird. I am a devotee of the iconic bird drawings and paintings of John J. Audubon, so some of my designs are meant to pay tribute to him as well as the fine artists who were his apprentices during his artistic adventures. Are you a fan of Audubon? Do you have a favorite bird that always catches your eye in art and fine craft designs?

Tree Party Pillow by Georgianne Holland
The process of needle felting birds, trees or any living thing is an energetic and exciting process! There is always an eagerness when I assemble all of the colors and materials I will be using for a project. Even after many years as a fiber artist, there is a passion for the process because I'm actually holding the colors, feeling the texture of the fibers, and laying them down layer by colorful layer as I work. There's a lot of physical energy that goes into the fine craft of needle felting, especially work that is done by hand...I have never tried to use a felting machine. I'm sure it would speed up the process and perhaps make me more productive, but I'm not convinced that the passion for the art form would be honored.

Western Tanager Pillow by Georgianne Holland
If I were to name the single most important element in the process of making limited-edition art pillows, I'd have to think long and hard between choosing COLOR or choosing CRAFTSMANSHIP. Because I work with forms found in nature, the coloring of most elements in my work are standard-issue blues, greens, and shades of brown. I can absolutely be the "bringer of zing" when I work with the brightest yellows, oranges,and purples that are part of male birds we all long to welcome for a visit. So while my color choices may be somewhat predictable, I believe they are still an amazing part of the joy that becomes stitched into these textile forms. I certainly feel great with the color play, and I hear that enjoying the pop of color that these pillows bring to my client's homes is great fun!

Would you agree with me that craftsmanship is the binding element that sets a family heirloom apart from a one-season, somewhat disposable room accessory? While the on-trend colors of interior design change over time, the impeccable quality of workmanship in a handmade textile is the kind of quality that makes a handmade item a family treasure. Many people also love the lineage of items that were loved by their family in years past, items like quilts or tailored clothing come to mind. The Western Tanager Pillow I've made began as a pristine vintage hankie that was hand embroidered and tatted in the 1940s by another woman who loved the needle arts! I've re-purposed that hankie into a sweet pillow that marries my love of Audubon art with my desire to make a new family heirloom that will bring a graceful note to a special family home.

What is the single most important element in the process of your creative endeavors? I'd love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by,

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday -- July 3, 2012

Happy Fourth of July to all my American friends and fans! I am writing from Colorado on a day that is finally cool, breezy and cloudy, which may not make for the best holiday picnic weather, but are we ready! This break from the high heat we've been experiencing is a holiday unto itself, and I'm celebrating!

I've been thinking a lot about Betsy Ross these days as I continue embroidery work on my own American flag folk art piece. I've done a bit of research about our first flag and feel a bit miffed to realize that most historians hold the opinion that Betsy didn't actually sew our first flag. I grew up in Colorado believing that this woman of the 1770s was an important part of our nation's freedom, that she always sat next to George Washington in church, and that she knew a slick way to fold and then cut a 5-pointed star with one snip. My new information tells me that this may all have been historical story-telling to endear an ordinary woman to the patriot cause. Was Paul Revere a stand-in for the common man? Did George Washington never chop down a cherry tree? I must ponder these ideas tomorrow as I picnic--or maybe I will wait until July 5th and eat my potato salad in nostalgic peace. Where ever you find yourself on the 4th of July, I wish you that peace, as well.

My Salute to Betsy Ross

I haven't calculated the stitches I'll need to make to sew down all the white stars!
Perhaps Betsy was a simple seamstress who lived during America's fight for independence, and perhaps she didn't personally design and sew our first flag. I can verify, however, that I have personally made this in-progress folk art piece to salute Betsy Ross. It is a fun project and I hope to finish all of the hand embroidery this summer. This flag is being made from 2" wool felt circles and each circle is being hand embroidered into place using a traditional blanket stitch. There are 34 stitches around each circle. There are 13 rows of circles in one direction and 25 rows in the other direction: the math for that is 325 circles. I'm shocked to tell you that this means I'll be taking 11,050 stitches to complete this folk art piece. Have I lost my mind? Do you want to call me Betsy? Am I a common woman who represents a national love of fiber art? Historians may scratch their heads, but I'd love to know what you think!

Lovely Lace Doilies to decorate your Wall

This is a thrifty idea for adding some homespun touch to your favorite room. These doilies were thrifted and then framed inside simple bamboo embroidery hoops. Hang them in a group and you can enjoy all of the tatting and geometric shapes.  Isn't it lovely against the bright blue wall?

My New Favorite Color Wheel

Artists in every medium consider color all day long. In fact, I'd say playing with color and color combinations is one of the big draws to making art -- that and the steady paycheck. Or maybe, it's mostly the fun of playing with color! When I saw this clever color wheel, I realized that playing with color is exactly what this artist has done. And I love that he or she used buttons and beads in this creation! It just makes me happy.

Good Idea to help me Deliver my Mail to the Post Office

Yes, this is my top ten pick of the week in the "How to make my life more efficient" category. I could fill up the shopping cart with my lovely out-going orders and pedal myself to the post office. On the way home, I could stop off for milk and eggs, and if the nice folks at the grocery store don't mind, I'll just shop on the bike. I think the whole contraption will fit as a drive-through at the self-service check out station. Brilliant!

Heron on the Beach

This lovely photograph was taken by Paul Hart of Hartworks on Etsy. The coloring is enhanced I believe and I just love how he handled that part of the process. I think this bird has quite the swagger. I can imagine he's having a marvelous vacation! Please check out all of Paul's lovely photos on his Etsy shop!

Copper Cascade -- Weaving with Copper Sheet Metal and Wire

The colors of this piece were the first thing to get my attention, and then I realized I was seeing an iridescent glow from the piece. Can you see the pinks and grey and all the golden browns? I also like the gentle sweep of the branch-like wire at the top and think it was a clever way to suspend the metal material. I found this lovely piece on the Donna Sakamoto Crispin website and truly wanted to share this beautiful work with you.

Barn Owl Cascade

The Barn Owl lives all around the world...more so than any other land bird on Earth. When you think about the hunting that this species uses to feed itself, their quiet and stoic nature makes sense. Without stealth and patience, these birds would not eat. I just love their faces and when I found this image on the Society for the Preservation of Raptors website, I knew it needed to be included in this week's top ten!

Breathe Poster from Studio 8 Design

As a lover of winter trees, I find this artistic poster to be a real winner. The folks at Studio 8 Design have closed their doors for new horizons, but I have included their link here for your use. These posters were produced to raise awareness of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest for the US-based charity Rainforest Action Network (RAN). The project was a collaboration with photographer Giles Revell.

Text Messaging

There is always something exciting here at Nestle and Soar Studio in Colorado. I'd like to share this little preview snap shot of a new product in development.  There are 12 messages being created using wood and fiber and I expect a launch in early September...Life has entered into you.

Funny Animal of the Week -- You've Gotta have a Goal!

Thanks for stopping by! I encourage you to leave a comment about your favorite item in the list this week...

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Studio Scene

Please join me as I say "I cannot believe that it's July!"

Hasn't the month of June just flown by? Work in my Nestle and Soar Studio has been keeping me busy, and I guess that is one of the reasons why the past 30 days is a fog. I think we should all remember that it is summer time and for most of us, that means fun times outside (at least some of the time). I simply should not spend so many hours this time of year standing inside my studio.

I have ventured outside a bit though, and gardening is a great way to do that! I am using the veining in the leaves I've been studying to practice continuous-line machine quilting. I recommend that you look into the machine quilting classes and books offered by Heather Thomas of Wild Heather Designs, who teaches nationally and writes books that are extremely helpful to contemporary quilters. I took her popular class, Doodle & Dance, with some great girlfriends at the Golden Fiber Arts Studio, and with her inspiration, continue working on the continuous-line machine quilting she taught that day.

It is almost time for me to place another large wool roving and Paternayan order for the studio. I love selecting the colors and imagining the softness of the fibers. One of my favorite roving suppliers is right here in Colorado, and I know that she has been in the thick of things with the wild fires near Colorado Springs. Grace of  Larkspur Funny Farm and Fiber Art Studio has needed to be prepared to evacuate for the past week. She lovingly runs a farm of animals that supply her with the wool to dye and sell luscious fibers for artists like myself. I highly recommend her and hope you will have a chance to check out her Etsy shop. Once things calm down, and they will for Grace and all the fine folks near the burn areas of Colorado, she will have fascinating tales to tell on her lovely blog. Hang in there Grace!

I do hope that everyone has a wonderful month of July. Let's all take the time to notice the beauty that is everywhere around us! Thank you for stopping by my studio,

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday -- June 26, 2012 -- Owls for All

The mysterious nature of owls is endearing to most everyone, and in my opinion, their eyes are a big part of this appeal. The pensive, yellow-eyed stare of a Great Gray Owl makes them appear to be thinking or perhaps even plotting a sinister next-move. This spine tingling reaction I have toward owls is one reason I've collected this week's top ten favorite owls. Most of the owls in this collection have big round eyes with goofy looks on their faces! Much more relaxing, don't you think? If you are an owl fan, this week's collection will give you all sorts of ideas about how you can add more owl-love to your life! Enjoy...

DIY Felt Owl  --  A fun sewing project for your household

This friendly owl can be easily hand stitched using the simple whip, running, and simple straight stitches. This would be a great project for you to introduce basic stitches to an owl-loving 10+ year old. Lupin on Etsy can provide you with this fun pattern and all the instructions you will need. Your young girls will be so proud to show off their creation!

Owl of Blodeuwedd -- Wool Felt Brooch

This handmade wool felt brooch is meticulously made using 7 layers of felt with an average of 400 tiny hand stitches. The brooch measures 3" x 2" and features a charming embroidered feather on her wing. Love that part! FoxOwlRoad on Etsy tells us the "Blodeuwedd" is the oldest of creatures and she calls this owl the Bird of Wisdom. This fiber jewelry would be perfect most every season of the year on a jacket, scarf, or coat. This is a treasure for the grown-up girls.

Owl Slippers Hand Crocheted in 100% Cotton

These fun house slippers will be great fun for folks of all ages. FrancescasToyChest on Etsy will hand crochet these Little Pea Shoppe pink/green/blue pair in any size or you can request a brown/orange/tan pair for a more realistic colorway! Machine wash and dry on low heat, these slippers will get softer and more beloved over time.

Beauty in Every Shadow by Dolan Geiman

I'm a big fan of Dolan Geiman who creates original mixed media works with wood, paint, printmaking and collage. This acrylic and found paper collage on wood features a majestic owl and a gorgeous tree trunk, which I also love! Dolan's art is appreciating in value and I highly recommend that you check out his many terrific art assemblages.

Needle Felted Owl Family

I am a fan of the charm that St. Paul's artist ScratchCraft has added to these 3-D wool felt owls. The four owls actually look like a bonded family unit to me, and I would have guessed they loved one another even without the red heart that tells me for sure that they do! Perched on a tree branch and measuring 4" wide and 2" tall, this hanging fiber art is a beauty.

 Pleased as Punch -- Recycled Chubby Owl

I like this owl's attitude! This lamb's wool-stuffed friend stands 7" tall and would add a fun, graceful note to your home decor. The body of this owl is made from up-cycled, felted wool and the eyes are hand sewn. This owl from ForMyDarling on Etsy has so much personality, I think you will want to give him a name!

Mid-Century Modern Hootie Owl Needlepoint

This 14"x15" needlepoint pillow certainly takes me back! If you were alive in the 60's and early 70's, you probably remember the Sunset Needlepoint Kits that helped us learn needlepoint on a printed canvas. This bright red and coral owl is a great example of a charming home made decorating style that is newly popular and still colorful! This fun vintage pillow is being made available by Call Me Anytime Vintage and will bring a pop of color to your mid-century decor.

Hand-Knit Felted Owl with Tufted Ear

The talented folks at Woolly Something have created this wool hand-knit sculptural owl that they then felted and stuffed for standing display. It stands about 7" tall and has poly-pellets in base for easy standing. It looks so soft and fluffy, and while it may not be a toy, I'm sure that the young people in your life will have trouble keeping their fingers off the soft ears and wings! The stitching around the eyes is simple and dramatic: I love it!

Recycle Wool Owl Tote Bag

This handsome owl is ready to give your fashion statement a fun boost! Handmade from brick red recycled wool and reinforced with pellon interfacing, this fun tote bag is ready to be a playful and practical addition to your wardrobe or a favorite gift for a young owl lover. I particularly like the use of the wool plaid fabric in this piece. You can find it at the popular Grannies Raggedy Bags on Etsy!

Funny Animal of the Week -- Good Morning Owl!

It is important to end my Top Ten Tuesday post with a funny animal, and this little guy gets my vote! He looks a lot like some of the other owls I've shared with you today, and he may even stand about 7" tall like some of the handmade versions of his brothers and sisters! I know he will grow up to have the yellow, piercing eyes that make my spine tingle, but for now anyway, he couldn't look more cute and friendly.

Thanks for stopping by,

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Good to Know -- Fiber Artist Carol Ann Waugh

I'd like to introduce you to Carol Ann Waugh, a new friend and inspirational woman. It has been good for me to get to know this popular Colorado fiber artist, teacher and author and I think her excitement about what she and many others are doing in their art careers is inspirational. I first met her at a meeting of the Front Range Contemporary Quilters, which is  group that is dedicated to promoting innovative contemporary quilt making and fiber art for the Colorado art quilt community. Carol is the president of that organization and she was the first fiber artist I sought out in her studio as a new member of FRCQ. It was exciting to see Carol in her own space, and what a hip space she has! Her studio is located in the popular River North art district of Denver.

Carol is the author of popular books on art quilt techniques and folks love to learn in both her actual and virtual classrooms. For instance, as a teacher in the growing Craftsy community, Carol has made available online classes that help us learn her popular techniques, like Stupendous Stitching and Stitch & Slash. It is exciting to know that anyone around the world at any time, day or night, can log into a class taught by Carol and learn a new skill!

Technology like this is helping the time-honored arts of needlework thrive, and that is a juxtaposition not lost on Carol. The art quilt movement thrives because teachers like Carol encourage and equip us to experiment as textile creatives. Experimentation is a big-concept in the quilt world today! I don't think that the repetitive sewing of quilt patterns will ever be on Carol's radar. For one thing, that kind of quilting allows one to know what their final artistic outcome will be, before the first stitch has been taken. Instead, she is a wonderful sisterly guide in helping us all feel comfortable watching our exciting results unfold during the creative process.

Another popular class Carol teaches is truly a celebration in capturing our own creative style and that is the workshop she teaches on Self-Portraits made with fabric. As she so happily tells us, "No particular skills are required (for this workshop) other than the ability to let loose your imagination and have fun. By the end of the day, you will have broken out of your barriers and will approach future compositions with a new-found confidence and freedom to play, create, and be as original as you are -- in your artwork and in life!"

Can you see now why I like Carol and her art so much? Whether or not you live in Colorado, it is easy to learn from the good-to-know expertise Carol has to offer.

Here is some of my favorite pieces by Carol...enjoy!

Please Save the Earth, 48" x 52", Fiber

Tribal Dance, 40" x 58", Fiber
Gyrations, 40" x 40", Fiber

Thanks for stopping by,

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Studio Scene -- Storage and Organization Fuel Creativity

Horizontal filing and drawer labels are my best time-saving tips. 
 The large drawers are filled with handmade fiber art pillow tops and I love them because they keep the fiber art smooth, flat, and organized.

The handmade fiber art pillows I make are shipped in a muslin pillow case
and tied with a lovely ribbon.
I think of it like a designer dress being stored in a zipper bag!
I label each one with a photo for easy reference: this helps my team fulfill orders!

Early morning light from the studio table while I am alone and all is quiet.
That's the sweet spot in my day!

Keeping organized may seem boring, or at least, it used to bore me. I thought that a messy desk meant I was happily busy, but now I realize that it simply slows me down. I'm glad I've taken on the ritual of cleaning up my office and my studio during the last 15 minutes of each productive day. That way, when I begin again in the morning, I am energized!

What do you do to fuel creativity in your space?

Thanks for stopping by,

Monday, June 18, 2012

Photographic Adventures at Nestle and Soar

As a gal who never took a photography class, it is somewhat frightening to rely so heavily on great photos to operate my business! Kind of gutsy, even. Now I know that improving my photos on my own website, in my Etsy shop, and all along the Internet highways is the right thing to do, so I decided to learn from my good friend Kelly, who is quite patient with me. Today there are a few progress shots of pillows I am working on that have me kind of excited! I know that I still have a lot to learn, but each effort has a marked improvement, so that feels good. What is the one skill you know you need to improve to make your work or life more "just right"? I'd love to hear!

Soft Sunflower Pillow ©2010 Georgianne Holland
Coexist Tree ©2011 Georgianne Holland

Thanks for stopping by,

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday -- May 29, 2012

This has been a very creative week for me and I'm guessing that's why I have been attracted to many creative ideas and projects in my top ten list. There is almost always bright or intense colors that catch my eye, and when that doesn't work, there is always the needle arts to pull me in! This week the top ten picks include lots of color and needle arts, as well as a few finished-by-others items that will charm you to pieces. I hope I've found at least one item that will spark your creativity in the week ahead!

Crazy Quilt Stitches from Knick Knacks and Ric Rac

I always enjoy teaching crazy quilting class here in Colorado, so when this reference to the embroidery stitches fun to use in crazy quilting came my way, I knew I'd want to share it with you. The colorful presentation of the stitches just makes me want to dump my entire collection of embroidery floss and pearl cotton onto the kitchen table and start playing! You can find more information from Made with Love by Hannah. Enjoy!

Take a Sewing Class at Home

While we are talking about the fundamentals of embroidery, I want to share with you the wonderful new book I found at Landauer by Jan Vaine, Applique & Embroidery Fundamentals. This lovely book has such helpful photos and detailed stitch instructions that I think learning the 16 stitches included in the book will be very friendly, almost like have Jan right there beside you.

Message to Self

I thought that the message in this artistic print was right on target for me during the creative week I've had. It is tempting to follow along as a creative person because my mind is always seeking stimulation from other artists. This great poster on Olive Love Designs reminds me to express myself in my creative life! I also love how the hummingbird is gently flying while the other birds seem to be less serene. Perhaps being oneself is the path of least resistance...

Paper-Cut Garden is Architectural Creativity

I am always impressed by those folks whose mind works in three dimensions. Perhaps by saying this, you realize my mind tends to work in a flat, more 1.5-D sort of way? If you, too, are impressed with Mikro Store's architectural creativity, I hope you'll enjoy learning more about the 3-D Garden they've created. All of its natural imagery makes it a great way to combine slick materials with green places.

Irish Crochet Daisy Pin

I love the look of fine thread crochet and this brooch is a particularly good example of that. NothingButString on Etsy has included 15 petals on this flower, which is part of its charm I think: it looks intricate like a real flower. I am also quite fond of the leaf design in this made-to-order, handmade fiber jewelry. Well done!

Spring Garland of Flowers

As it seems I have embroidery and other traditional needle arts on the brain this week, I hope you will enjoy seeing this lovely silk ribbon embroidered wreath. I understand that there is a kit for this project along with Dupioni silk and a full set of instructions. I found this lovely item on a wonderful resource for fiber fans, the Tafa List. This particular treasure is the work of Lorna Bateman Embroidery, and I just love i!

Clever Organization Idea for Artistic Types

If you use pen-tip paints, dyes or glitters with any regularity, you will have empathy for the tragic "stuck in the bottle" situation I face from time to time. When I saw this clever idea on Pinterest, I knew it was perfect for my Nestle and Soar studio! You can find the full instructions for making your own storage "cookie sheet" at BeaOriginal.

Modern Mobile of Color

This is a case where a picture is worth a thousand words...French words, that is. I found this lovely, playful mobile idea on a French website, and the best I can tell you is that it is, in my rough translation, an homage to modern design, a good variation on a pendant light, excellent use of paper (tissue paper), arty interior design or a sculptural element for your office. Pretty fantastic! You may not be able to see the light bulb that is hiding directly behind the large red circular branch in the center of the piece, but it is there. You could make one of these swingy mobiles without the light and display it in the corner of the room where a breeze might make it even more playful. That last part I did not get from my high-school level interpretation of the original French...that is just what I plan to do with it! You can see the original source for this project here...voila!

Now for Something Completely Sublime

May I introduce to you the Vermonster, a stuffed animal monster that my kids would have adored! It is folk-arty and huggable. I love his eyes...each one looking up into opposite parts of the sky! This little monster needs a home: you can investigate adoption at Vermonsters109 on Etsy.

Funny Animal of the Week (in addition to the Vermonster)

You may not know what kind of animal this is, and neither did I until further investigation. It is a baby otter and I think I am in love! I adore the determined look on his face as well as his feet and soft fur. Have a great, determined, and silky-soft week ahead!

Thanks for stopping by,