Health and Wellness

Part of my dream in being a businesswoman is to find new ways to lift up and support people in their efforts to thrive. If you think about the term "Nestle And Soar", perhaps you can think about the ways in which you feel supported and elevated in your life right now? Is there a missing piece in the ways in which you are supported and celebrated?

Because I believe that everyone's physical and emotional health have such a huge impact on how they thrive in life, I am expanding the Nestle And Soar company to include a Creative Health Coaching service! This life-long passion of mine is now being developed into a compassion-based wellness coaching practice that I will be launching in the summer of 2014.

If you are interested in learning more about Nestle And Soar Health, please follow this blog today. I will make sure that everyone who follows me will hear of my opening day celebration. Of course, there will be gifts and balloons!! Thank you in advance for your encouragement and enthusiasm. I truly look forward to sharing this exciting part of my dream with you, my friend, and learning about how I can be of support and encouragement to you, as well.  Georgianne Holland