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Top Ten Tuesday -- May 29, 2012

This has been a very creative week for me and I'm guessing that's why I have been attracted to many creative ideas and projects in my top ten list. There is almost always bright or intense colors that catch my eye, and when that doesn't work, there is always the needle arts to pull me in! This week the top ten picks include lots of color and needle arts, as well as a few finished-by-others items that will charm you to pieces. I hope I've found at least one item that will spark your creativity in the week ahead!

Crazy Quilt Stitches from Knick Knacks and Ric Rac

I always enjoy teaching crazy quilting class here in Colorado, so when this reference to the embroidery stitches fun to use in crazy quilting came my way, I knew I'd want to share it with you. The colorful presentation of the stitches just makes me want to dump my entire collection of embroidery floss and pearl cotton onto the kitchen table and start playing! You can find more information from Made with Love by Hannah. Enjoy!

Take a Sewing Class at Home

While we are talking about the fundamentals of embroidery, I want to share with you the wonderful new book I found at Landauer by Jan Vaine, Applique & Embroidery Fundamentals. This lovely book has such helpful photos and detailed stitch instructions that I think learning the 16 stitches included in the book will be very friendly, almost like have Jan right there beside you.

Message to Self

I thought that the message in this artistic print was right on target for me during the creative week I've had. It is tempting to follow along as a creative person because my mind is always seeking stimulation from other artists. This great poster on Olive Love Designs reminds me to express myself in my creative life! I also love how the hummingbird is gently flying while the other birds seem to be less serene. Perhaps being oneself is the path of least resistance...

Paper-Cut Garden is Architectural Creativity

I am always impressed by those folks whose mind works in three dimensions. Perhaps by saying this, you realize my mind tends to work in a flat, more 1.5-D sort of way? If you, too, are impressed with Mikro Store's architectural creativity, I hope you'll enjoy learning more about the 3-D Garden they've created. All of its natural imagery makes it a great way to combine slick materials with green places.

Irish Crochet Daisy Pin

I love the look of fine thread crochet and this brooch is a particularly good example of that. NothingButString on Etsy has included 15 petals on this flower, which is part of its charm I think: it looks intricate like a real flower. I am also quite fond of the leaf design in this made-to-order, handmade fiber jewelry. Well done!

Spring Garland of Flowers

As it seems I have embroidery and other traditional needle arts on the brain this week, I hope you will enjoy seeing this lovely silk ribbon embroidered wreath. I understand that there is a kit for this project along with Dupioni silk and a full set of instructions. I found this lovely item on a wonderful resource for fiber fans, the Tafa List. This particular treasure is the work of Lorna Bateman Embroidery, and I just love i!

Clever Organization Idea for Artistic Types

If you use pen-tip paints, dyes or glitters with any regularity, you will have empathy for the tragic "stuck in the bottle" situation I face from time to time. When I saw this clever idea on Pinterest, I knew it was perfect for my Nestle and Soar studio! You can find the full instructions for making your own storage "cookie sheet" at BeaOriginal.

Modern Mobile of Color

This is a case where a picture is worth a thousand words...French words, that is. I found this lovely, playful mobile idea on a French website, and the best I can tell you is that it is, in my rough translation, an homage to modern design, a good variation on a pendant light, excellent use of paper (tissue paper), arty interior design or a sculptural element for your office. Pretty fantastic! You may not be able to see the light bulb that is hiding directly behind the large red circular branch in the center of the piece, but it is there. You could make one of these swingy mobiles without the light and display it in the corner of the room where a breeze might make it even more playful. That last part I did not get from my high-school level interpretation of the original French...that is just what I plan to do with it! You can see the original source for this project here...voila!

Now for Something Completely Sublime

May I introduce to you the Vermonster, a stuffed animal monster that my kids would have adored! It is folk-arty and huggable. I love his eyes...each one looking up into opposite parts of the sky! This little monster needs a home: you can investigate adoption at Vermonsters109 on Etsy.

Funny Animal of the Week (in addition to the Vermonster)

You may not know what kind of animal this is, and neither did I until further investigation. It is a baby otter and I think I am in love! I adore the determined look on his face as well as his feet and soft fur. Have a great, determined, and silky-soft week ahead!

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Sampson and Lorrie said...

There are so many fun embroidery stitches! We loved seeing them. Today is a big sewing day for us - embroidery work - so we especially enjoyed this post this morning! Thank you for sharing ^_^