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Top Ten Tuesday -- May 15, 2012

There is an element of silly in the fantastic items I've found for this week's top ten! A silly owl, a cupcake extravaganza, and a water slide for adults -- and have you ever held a giraffe in the palm of your hand? Silly is a good thing. I believe I am far too serious for my own good, so unleashing a little silly attitude is a healthy thing to do! What is your favorite outlandish or goofy thing to do? 

Henri Owl from Wassup Brothers on Etsy

From Russia with love, this wide-eyed creation is sure to be a family favorite. Henri has movable wings that are attached with buttons, so this is a great friend for the older child. He is almost 16" tall, so that means he's old enough for grand adventures! No two Henri's are the same as they are all made with a variety of fabrics and textures...I love that part about this wise old owl. The Wassup Brothers have many fun items to enjoy on Etsy.

Embroidered Heart Brooch from Bella Celestina

I love an artist who gives her jewelry names...this felt heart is called Clara and she's ready to wear! Bella Celestina has used vintage fabric and a vibrant turquoise felt for this charming pin. It would be great on a simple scarf or used as a bow on your next fancy gift wrapping. Clara is about 2 1/2" wide, so she's a show-stopper. Love it!

Hand cut Customized Paper Art for the True Romantic

I love this paper cutting and I admire the patience of this papercrafter from England, Louise McLaren. When I study the intricacy of this piece, especially the tiny leaves with stems intact, I'm very impressed. This personalized heart and bird cutout would be ideal as a wedding gift or an anniversary present. It is striking in its simplicity in the black frame. Well done Louise!

Sunflower Lino-cut Bamboo Box from Acorn Artz on Etsy

I love a little decorative box to hide my trinkets and ticket stubs! This lovely bamboo box by Kathleen Kerr in California is a lovely option for all those who enjoy nestling their treasures inside of safe places. This sunflower design is Kathleen's original work and the box lid is a lift-off lid, which is my favorite kind. It is also a substantial size at 4" x 11" x 4"deep...perfect to fit my preserved Mother's Day corsage.

Natural History Art on Art Propelled

This photo of an eggshell collection is a scientific statement that moves me as a lover of birds. The varied colors and sizes of the eggs are interesting, and then the similarities are charming, too. I found this Art Propelled image from Tumbler by way of Pinterest and the originating source doesn't go any further than that. I thought you'd enjoy seeing the collection...I know that I have!

Cherry Blossom Tree Mosaic made entirely of Cupcakes!

When I bake cupcakes, I usually end up with about 15 decorated beauties to share. Of course, I bake two dozen, but after I drop one, eat one (or two), and watch a few more disappear before the big event, there are usually about 15 cupcakes to offer my guests. Well, there are over 10,000 cupcakes all decorated and arranged into a mosaic of a cherry blossom tree...and what do you want to bet...they are also delicious! The bakers from London's Crumbs and Doilies are responsible for this fun display for a Japanese TV show. Love it!

Inflatable Playground for Adults (or yeah, and kids), too!

Playful water sports are popular, even in land-locked Colorado. I can see an inflatable water playground like this one on a lake near my home. Wouldn't this be the best birthday party experience? I think I'd make it a requirement that you have to swim well enough to get yourself out to the inflatable playground in order to use it...if you look closely though...there is a baby swing in the lower-left hand corner of the playground! Cool!

Rustic Pine Wood Journal by Crearting on Etsy

The Tree of Life is burned and painted on this fantastic hand-bound journal from Inga Veilande in Latvia. She has used a natural pine and 160 journal pages from brown recycled paper for this unique and charming journal. It is 5 1/2" x 4" and she is happy to engrave names on the cover for you. This is a journal that is sure to become a family keepsake for generations to come! I love it!

Quote from e.e. cummings

As a nature lover and romantic, I've loved the poetry of e.e. cummings. His work was both lovely and controversial and always lead to far-reaching conversation. I found this handmade and simple verse which appears to be hand stamped into metal. The older I get, the more comfortable I am with being myself.

Funny Animal of the Week -- Petite Lap Giraffes!

I thought at first I was looking at a stuffed animal. In fact, I decided to include two photos of this amazing creature because the first one I found was so unbelievable! You are looking at a Petite Lap Giraffe that is bred at Russia's Sokoblovsky Farms. The adult PLG is 30" tall and weighs less than less than 10 pounds! They eat distilled water and bonsai tree leaves. The folks at Sokoblovsky Farms report that they love being indoors in air conditioning, as well as listening to classical music. Grooming is easy...one bubble bath per week! That wraps up my silly ideas for this week. It is silly, isn't it?

If you were to adopt a petite giraffe and bring it to a party on the inflatable playground, you could seal the deal by offering decorated cupcakes in the shape of a tree for refreshment...yeah. That would be epic!

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