Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday -- May 8, 2012

Spring is definitely in the air here in colorful Colorado! Yesterday was very rainy and today is very sunny, so my flowers and my new Chinese Plum tree are very happy. I'm happy, too, especially now that I've looked at my file of top ten items for this week! What a bright and cheerful group of handmade treasures from talented artists in a great variety of places, such as Maryland, Ohio, Turkey, Denver, and France. I love sharing the work of these talented men and women who also love the beauty of our natural world. I hope you enjoy this top ten and a lovely 8th of May where you are.

Elegant Beauty in this Fiber Brooch from France

The rich colors and nubby texture in this fiber jewelry are lovely and I'm sure they will be a conversation starter! The wingspan of this copper underwing moth brooch is 5" and the body is over 2" long, which makes it a true statement piece. Perhaps it is more truly a conversation stopper than a starter, which is fabulous! For those who prefer, there is also a mechanism on the back for hanging this piece in your home. Love it! You can see Blue Terracotta on Etsy here.

Little Bird Ring from Maryland

My hands are small and the rings I wear need to be petite, especially since I work with my hands all day in the wool. This tiny brass bird ring can be made in any size to fit your hands perfectly, too! The delicate design showing the feathers on the wing and the tail make this ring pretty special. I understand there are matching earrings...sounds perfect! You can see Proteales on Etsy here.

Tangerine and Plum Butterfly Pillow Case from Ohio

I love how this Etsy merchant has thought through all the important service features for her customers! She has made this luscious hand dyed and printed pillow cover and she's made it very easy for you to order it and care for it. To me, that's a lovely pillow and a lovely shopping experience! How much fun is that!? You can see Giardino on Etsy here.

Tour des Trees Fundraising Event in Oregon

We've all heard about the Tour des France, but for all you tree lovers in America, this is an awesome alternative! The 2012 Stihl Tour des Trees will launch in Portland, Oregon on August 5th covering a 585-mile route. This visually scenic multi-day bike tour will take the riders through Oregon's coastline, vineyards, and high desert, with Mt. Hood providing a sweeping landscape. Since 1992, the Tour des Trees has raised more than $5.5 million dollars to fund a variety of research projects, including educational programs, all geared toward keeping urban trees and forests healthy. What a wonderful way to do good!

Eco-Friendly Fibers from Ohio

I've found a fun place to shop for yarns that do not have many if any synthetic ingredients! There are certified organic yarns in a variety of colors as well as recycled natural fiber choices. I love the feel of silk, cotton, corn silk, and bamboo. The Yarn Market is for those of us who are "environmentally aware knitters and crocheters!" That sounds right to me. Oh, yes, these yarns are also beautiful.

Chinese Plum Tree in Bloom from Denver

Keep the blooms of Spring alive all year long with this charming hand painted mug from Feisty Owl Studio in Denver! This popular Etsy shop will hand paint your tree mug to order using porcelain paint. This non-toxic paint stays put in the microwave and dishwasher. You even get to request a larger mug size, if you'd like! It sounds like the perfect recipe for an amazing cup of coffee to me. Well done!

Soft Flowing Spring Green Scarf from Turkey

This lovely batik cotton scarf is lightweight and a perfect accessory for a warm Spring or Summer day. Depending on how you wrap the scarf from Mediterranean Lights on Etsy, you will see deep green, spring bud green, or soft yellow and white near your face. I love how versatile that will be for any wardrobe! Scarves really are a popular alternative to necklaces for many women...I like bringing out the green of my eyes with a soft scarf.

The Paper Art of Helen Musselwhite in England

Helen is a force of nature in my estimation. Her paper cutting, folding and construction techniques have such a solid delicacy when finished. Don't you love her use of color? The many layers that she uses to build her scenes are a fascination, and I think it would be wonderful to see a show of her works in a gallery. They would probably have to rope-off a viewing line so that everyone could get up close enough to take a turn seeing her detailed artwork. Sign me up!

Spiral Garden Path

Spring is the right time to clean up the walk ways and paths around your property, so this little DIY idea keeps popping up on my to-do list! I love the playful way the small rocks were used to make flowers and spirals. This would be a fun project to work on with kids or grand kids...especially if they would bring me all of the materials I need so that I don't have to keep trying gracefully to stand up from sitting on the ground. That's the hardest part...the getting back up again part! This path would make a grand entrance toward your front door. Love it!

Funny Animal of the Week

I don't know why I think it is kind of spooky to have a kitten outside. I've never owned a kitten, and I guess I just assume that if they are left outside, they will run away, never to be seen again. I feel happy when I look at this funny kitten, and in my imagination, her care-taking human is just beyond the camera's angle, ready to scoop her up and keep her safe and happy. Yeah, that's what I think. This is a really cute picture when I think of it like that. I really like how the cat is standing like a farmer, surveying her garden!

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mediterraneangirl said...

What a wonderful blog Georgianne!!!
Great finds! I'm honored for including my scarf:)

Best wishes from Turkey,

Laura said...

Wonderful colorful finds here! Thank you so much for including my moth, and that cute little kitten!


Georgianne Holland said...

Thank you Aysegul and Laura! All of the featured artists and projects are great...very inspirational. Other people's productivity keeps me striving to do my best :)

giardino said...

Wow! What a great round up of terrific artists - I'm thrilled to be included.
That cut paper art by Helen is just amazing!
Thank you so much:)