Sunday, July 1, 2012

Studio Scene

Please join me as I say "I cannot believe that it's July!"

Hasn't the month of June just flown by? Work in my Nestle and Soar Studio has been keeping me busy, and I guess that is one of the reasons why the past 30 days is a fog. I think we should all remember that it is summer time and for most of us, that means fun times outside (at least some of the time). I simply should not spend so many hours this time of year standing inside my studio.

I have ventured outside a bit though, and gardening is a great way to do that! I am using the veining in the leaves I've been studying to practice continuous-line machine quilting. I recommend that you look into the machine quilting classes and books offered by Heather Thomas of Wild Heather Designs, who teaches nationally and writes books that are extremely helpful to contemporary quilters. I took her popular class, Doodle & Dance, with some great girlfriends at the Golden Fiber Arts Studio, and with her inspiration, continue working on the continuous-line machine quilting she taught that day.

It is almost time for me to place another large wool roving and Paternayan order for the studio. I love selecting the colors and imagining the softness of the fibers. One of my favorite roving suppliers is right here in Colorado, and I know that she has been in the thick of things with the wild fires near Colorado Springs. Grace of  Larkspur Funny Farm and Fiber Art Studio has needed to be prepared to evacuate for the past week. She lovingly runs a farm of animals that supply her with the wool to dye and sell luscious fibers for artists like myself. I highly recommend her and hope you will have a chance to check out her Etsy shop. Once things calm down, and they will for Grace and all the fine folks near the burn areas of Colorado, she will have fascinating tales to tell on her lovely blog. Hang in there Grace!

I do hope that everyone has a wonderful month of July. Let's all take the time to notice the beauty that is everywhere around us! Thank you for stopping by my studio,

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