Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Colorful, Young, Around-the-World Inspiration

How are you inspired? Do you seek out inspiring activities and people, making new friends and traveling to distant lands? (You would be my hero.) Is inspiration something that just happens for you, hitting you like a bolt of lightening from out of the blue? (Meaning it probably doesn't happen very often, but if it does, you are my hero.) Perhaps inspiration comes to you in the same way it comes to my sitting in a particular chair. I actively seek out the unique and sublime from the office chair I've had for 25 years. I have not had the Wonderful Worldwide Web for that long, but this chair has seen me through a lot of inspiring moments!

Being only an aspiring traveler and occasional dinner party guest, it is important to my creative life that I find other ways to bring refreshing news and ideas to me. I have made it a habit to spend 30 minutes every day taking an online trip around the world, where I feast upon the latest resources and uplifting inventions I find there. How do you bring inspirational ideas into your daily life?

Three Inspirations from my recent Travels

The Blue Marble Project

Rock stars, presidents, kids, scientists, artists, explorers, and eco-celebrities...even the Dalai Lama and the Pope, have received blue marbles.

In 2009, the wildly popular, absurdly simple, neuroscience-based initiative of marine biologist Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, has shared blue marbles around the world with millions of people in celebration of our beautiful, fragile, planet.

Now, The Blue Marbles Project has set out to pass a blue marble through every person's hand on earth, with a simple message of gratitude along with it.

So, the "rules" remain pure and simple.
1. The marble must be blue (any shade, preferably glass).
2. When you get one, give it away to someone as a token of gratitude (whenever you like).
3. Share your story with the world (however you like).

Just play the Blue Marble game! Don't over think it. You'll love it.
Contact Julie Starke to get some blue marbles for yourself, your classroom or event, and start spreading blue gratitude.

The Creative Embroidery resource of Stef Francis

Do you get excited by the needle arts in Europe? My research, and perhaps someday my personal experience, has shown me a huge needle art community throughout Europe. One of the new-to-me favorite magazines to read is Embroidery, The Textile Art Magazine (the Embroiderer's Guild magazine). Through this resource, while firmly planted in my office chair, I have learned of  Stef Francis. If I were in Great Britain today, I would visit the "World of Space-Dyed Threads and Fabrics" run by Stef Francis. On her website, you will find a huge range of hand-dyed yarns, threads, fabrics, and fibers. I am told that most are dyed by Stef in her unique range of colors, which I just love! Doesn't her fiber and textile kit look like fun? I believe that in another life, I was a royal or aristocratic lady with my retinue, creating famous embroideries. Please let me know when it is teatime.

The Amazing World of Richard Clarkson

My final inspirational person today is a young designer I have found from my other fantasy life...the world of Twitter.  It is there that through the help of another hip young man, the charming Brett of IAmLab (my new favorite blog and resource for #handmade love) I found Richard Clarkson (see how this armchair friend-making is fruitful: and young and hip). Truly, these things wouldn't happen to me in real life.

What Richard makes will just astound you, if napping on your sofa while a gentle, non-wet thunder burst in your dining room seems like fun to you. Right? I love the romance of a light show on a cloudy night, and Richard has designed a way to bring that into your home! Watch this little video to see what I mean, and then imagine having this light fixture be the conversation piece at your next dinner party. I would attend that party!

There are so many ways that inspiration can happen. If a bolt from the blue happens to you today, I hope you will drop me a note and let me hear about it.

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