Monday, February 3, 2014

Taking Care of Your 95-year-old Self

Some of us have had the privilege and the responsibility of taking care of a loved one in their old age. Whether or not anyone is prepared for being the caretaker or the elderly in this precious life situation, elder care is going to become a significant life passage experience for almost everyone.

If you reflect for a moment how you feel about being taken care of in your own old age, there are probably a few adrenaline rushes and worries that flood your system. I know this is my immediate reaction. I am an independent woman who likes to live My Way. I love my home, my community and my lifestyle. Will these cherished elements of My Life be taken away from me in old age?

Here's my thought: Vitality in your 90s and later begins today!!

Did you know that you can join me in the Self-loving Lifestyle that lets you be your own caretaker in the last decade of your life? The way you take care of yourself this very day honors your later years. Here's a few things for you to think about: know that I am here to support you.

  • Did you feed yourself today to create longevity?
  • Did you exercise your body today to create and maintain balance, strength, vital operating systems, and to minimize pain?
  • Have you ever learned how your vital lifestyle adds to your social lifetime?
  • Do you use your passions and interests to create meaningful experiences at every life stage?
  • We can join forces with others to safeguard the future vitality of our Planet! It is important to have a place to live.
  • Are you supported by relationships that withstand the test of time?
  • Would you like to take one financial action today on behalf of your 95-year-old self?

I am 54 years old. I have attended seven funerals in the past five months. Some of these delightful friends, family, and neighbors died in unexpected ways, and others suffered months or years of decline. All of this has truly empowered me to reflect on how I can care for myself during the next 40+ years so that my final months are filled with sacred moments of loving connection and enlivened experiences. It's my life and my choice. I can make powerful efforts today to safeguard that choice for myself and my loved ones.

You may be 20 years old, or perhaps you are already raising grandkids and downsizing -- there is never a wrong time to begin caring for your one, true, precious self!

Will you join me? I would love to hear from you and we can begin brainstorming together your options for being your own primary caretaker. My work as a health coach is centered on hearing your ideas and helping you move in the direction of your choice.

Comment to this post and I promise, I will be in touch! Follow this blog and learn many ways you can create a Self-loving Lifestyle.

Until then, thanks for stopping by,
Georgianne Holland
Nestle And Soar!
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Rachel Biel said...

Nice post, Georgianne! I'm sorry for all of your recent losses. So many in such a short time! I guess that is how it goes as we get older...

I have a friend who had a great aunt who was in her late 90's when she knew she was about ready to die. She never married and had been a suffragette and lived a life of determination and of peace (they don't go hand in hand!)

She called the family to come visit her on a specified date, had them visit with her alone as she lay in her bed. She held each one's hand, said her good-byes, gave each some words of wisdom and died in her sleep that night. I think it's such a beautiful way to go and I thought you would enjoy that story. :)

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