Wednesday, January 22, 2014

When Life Becomes a Roller Coaster Ride

If time is flying because you are having fun, then what does time do when a need to rest presents itself? I am coming to the end of my 60-day hiatus and time is doing a very funny dance. The clock can speed up or slow down in any number of ways, and at the end of a creative hiatus, I must report, time is like a roller coaster ride!

Have you ever allowed yourself a healthy hiatus from your work life? To simply set down the tools and walk away from the work flow was not easy for me. I know that stopping work seems like it would take less effort than working, but I can report that it has been a considerable energy drain, this not working. My life was always structured with work: during hiatus, there were huge upswings followed by plunging blue moods, and always the unexpected corner or jostle. Thus, my 60-day roller coaster ride, and the coaster-car is pulling to a stop.

NEW PLAN: Play * Linger * Alternatives * New Direction

PLAY  If you could call my new Nestle And Soar Studio Plan a structure for the future, it would have to be a rather loose plan, punctuated by lots of walks in the park. Perhaps my most profound lesson during this time away from my beloved needle felting tools would have to be a new attitude about dedication to a work schedule.

LINGER  My healthy hiatus impressed upon me my need to be more playful and less structured overall -- in my life and in my work! I have also devoted myself to the notion of lingering through the process of creative design. Prior to my hiatus, I was so knee deep in commissions and producing product multiples that my schedule was an ever-ticking deadline clock. My new plan involves time to linger in the creative process.

ALTERNATIVES  New to my studio in the year ahead will be the addition of artistic mediums other than needle felting. I will continue with my passion for the needle arts, and I will add the mixed media techniques that have long distracted me from my collected works. These alternatives will require additional education on my part, and I am thrilled!

NEW DIRECTION   The rest of my plan for 2014 includes the addition of my expanded services under the umbrella of Nestle And Soar. I am excited to say that my sideline as a Health Coach is coming into full bloom in the year ahead. My devotion to the notion that Everyone Deserves the chance to Nestle And Soar has always included my interaction with experts in the health and empowerment movements. I am thrilled to be taking a new direction in my work by claiming NATURAL HEALTH as my theme for this year: both in my artwork and in my interaction with my clients. Please watch this blog as well as my newsletter for more information in the weeks ahead!

As a health coach, one of the often repeated concerns of my clients is that they just don't have enough time. No time to cook, no time to exercise, no time for continuing education or new hobbies. Perhaps your work life has become your roller coaster? Or maybe your artistic endeavors have been put away on the shelf, waiting for the "right" time? Time both pulls us and pushes us, it even can take us for a wild ride! I hope that you will find time for your very best living in 2014. I hope that you will let me share in your victories and that you will share in mine. I hope we all have a chance to play!

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Rachel Biel said...

Hi, Georgianne! I had noticed that you were pretty quiet these last two months, but didn't realize that you had imposed a break on yourself. So, you really just stepped back? I looked at past posts and didn't see any mention of this. Just curious about how it all came about.

Taking a Sabbatical can be so important and for those who can do it, it often opens up new doors, ideas and perspectives. I went on a two week road trip a long time ago, tent camping at State parks around the SouthEast, hardly talking to anyone. I remember coming home and thinking how big and wonderful my apartment looked. Everything had new colors and textures! I long for something like that again, but can't until there is a financial cushion. This is one of the things that I am so envious of European work cultures, building a couple of months a year as "rest", as a space away from work.

It sounds like yours was wonderfully successful and that you are stepping forward in the light and that is great! :)

Georgianne Holland said...

Love hearing from you Rachel! I encourage you with all of your steps forward in 2014!