Thursday, January 10, 2013

Audubon Bird Photos --- Top 100 Images of 2012

I am a bird lover. As a bird lover, it seems to me that there are many, many people who are also enthralled by birds. What's that saying, "Like Attracts Like"? Have you ever noticed that when you have something special that is brand new -- a pair of sneakers, shiny new car, or even a pregnant belly -- all of a sudden, you see new shoes, cars and big bellies all around you? When I decided to focus my fiber art three years ago on the natural world, especially birds and trees, I suddenly noticed that all around me are folks who completely understand this passion! To help us all enjoy birds in full color today, I want to pass along the online gallery of Audubon Magazine's Top 100 bird photos from 2012. I have had so much fun reviewing these images captured by three categories of photographers: professional, amateur, and youth. Some of the photos made me say "How did they get that shot?!" Others make me laugh out loud at the winsome personality of these divine creatures.
I would truly enjoy hearing which of these 100 photos is your favorite. (Link here) I do believe that I should begin my artistic fiber art exploration of the majestic Egret...the first photo shown above is called Cattle Egret by Troy Lim. The second photo is called Great Egret by Tara Tanaka. These two are my favorites!

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