Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Valentine's Day Preparations

Design is based on an old-fashioned Valentine's card.
 After several decades in retail sales, it is easy to work several seasons ahead as a designer. I am already sketching out what I hope to create and sell from my Nestle and Soar Studio for both the Easter and Summer seasons. For Easter, I have a series of vintage metal frames that I am painting a deep cherry red...I will be creating felts for these frames that showcase cherry blossom trees in full bloom! I decided to steer clear of bunnies and baby chicks this year.

What I should really be working on and promoting is my Valentine's Day holiday special for my Etsy shop. I try to have an item that is seasonal and at a special price for my customers. Many of my past customers watch for this seasonal offering, and that's exciting! This year I've worked with hearts, naturally, but I've also added a fun blue song bird. My friends who use their embroidery functions on their sewing machine more often than I do inspired me to add some words to this project. I like the idea of adding inspirational text to my items. I plan to do more of this. What do you think?

All that's left for Valentine's Day is to try and figure out how I will celebrate with my husband. Maybe what I really mean is all that's left is to try to help him see Valentine's Day as a holiday worthy of extra attention! Can you really make another person feel sentimental? Probably not, but I, like many women, will give it another go in about a month!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy Valentine's Day prep to you--

Watch for my Valentine's Day design as a throw pillow or as notecards in my shop later this week ;)


larkspur funny farm said...

will be keeping my eye peeled for those wonderful new creations... I am sure they will be wonderful.

Karen Pierce Gonzalez said...

What a great blog site! Your work is beautiful. I'm intrigued by the bird/tree motifs that appear in your work.
Would you be interested in doing a guest blog?
Best, Karen
FolkHeart Press