Thursday, December 30, 2010

The View from my Nest...

Much of my home is decorated with my kid's artwork!
Winter has finally arrived here in Colorado! It has snowed all day and I am feeling cozy here at home. I'm fortunate to work from a home-based studio near the Rocky Mountains, and when we have a long snow weekend in front of us, it brings to mind many snowy Colorado memories. I wish the kids or my brothers were here and wanting to make a snow fort!
I want to share an image from my home today, and that's what I call a view from my nest. I know---enough already with the bird references! I'm a bird-nerd. But once again, I truly do have a great bird photo to share and will leave it at that! If you are enjoying a snowy winter day where you are, I toast you with my hot chocolate :)     Happy New Year to each of you!

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larkspur funny farm said...

I have been watching the birds outside eating fast as the snow is coming in quickly. All the animals are sent for the below zero temps and I will be catching up on blog posting from my other feather loving friends. Snuggle in tonight it is going to be a cold one.

Love the red birds thanks for sharing them.

Georgianne Holland said...

Thanks Grace! We just reloaded our bird feeders this afternoon...can't keep up! I'm not complaining as it's fun to watch the show. Keep warm.