Monday, December 6, 2010

Knitter's Paradise

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My knitting-to-relax habit has served me well in the past few weeks. I've really noticed that if I don't knit in the evening right before bedtime, I don't sleep as well! The rhythmic motion of this mindless activity seems to put me in a trance.

"I took up knitting from time to time as a relaxation, but I always put it down again before going out to buy a rocking chair." Beatrice Lilllie, 1898.

Does my enjoyment of knitting make me sound like an old lady? Maybe not if I haven't added the rocking chair yet!

I understand there are lots of celebrities who also knit...not that what celebrities do has any impact on me. It just helps me think of knitting as not just for old ladies. I've heard that Julia Roberts, Tracey Ullman, Dakota Fanning, Kristin Davis, and, get ready for it, Tim Daly, enjoy knitting. Perhaps people who have to spend a significant amount of time waiting around like knitting. I've noticed it is more social than reading because you can talk while you knit.

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I found two lovely items for those who love knitting like is for those who actively knit and the other for those who enjoy hand knit items! Hope you enjoy checking them out...and oh, yeah, here's a picture of Tim Daly. Just for fun!

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