Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We Love Birds?!

I always have a look out for organizations and companies that share my love of birds. One reason for this is that I collect birds and bird images for my home and as gifts. I think birds add charm and beauty to our home. I also like the gift of a bird-themed item, as I think it is light-hearted and it reminds me of nesting and coziness. I hope my friends and family still like (or even love) birds!

I was poking around the Internet and found an organization new to me called http://www.welovebirds.org/. Of course, I had to check it out. This site is fun to visit and is perfect for folks who love having pet birds in their home. You can buy bird feeders, cages, supplies, toys, and several movies to watch (when watching your real-life birds gets boring). My daughter is a trainer at a bird aviary in Loveland, Colorado, and I know that birds like to be entertained and challenged when they interact with humans. I was glad I found this website!

It has been a 9 years since I had a bird in my home. My son especially liked working with the parakeets we used to enjoy, and our supply of bird paraphernalia is stored in the rafters. I may need to start thinking about pulling those items down and making room in my home for living birds...they would look great beside my wool ones!

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