Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Organization for a Craft Room

I guess I do like lots of color!
I will admit that my studio is a bit chaotic. The wall colors are bright and splashy. Every horizontal surface is filled with collectibles and objects in more bright colors. I work with all kinds of fiber, and that is fluffy and taking over! So when I think about organizing a craft room, my own space cries out for attention. 

Sometimes I fantasize about having the kind of studio that looks like it was just featured in a lifestyles of the rich and famous magazine--you know the kind--more ads for fancy perfume and watches than editorial content. Other times, I fantasize about having the kind of studio that tolerates paint messes on the floor and rowdy wine and book club ladies after hours. Mostly, I'd just like to find the stuff I'm looking for.

Soft wool is a great pincushion--it lubricates your needles!
I have been planning a few craft organization ideas lately. One place that gets my mental vacuum cleaner going is a site called ThreadBanger. I have linked the post I'm referring to and it is filled with inspirational photos of craft spaces. When I see other craft or art studios, it makes me want to renovate my own!

What is the one most important thing you would like to do to organize the room where your creativity takes place? Comment to this post and be added to the drawing for a wonderful wool heart pincushion! Drawing will be held on Dec. 10th, so add your comment today!

If there is one thing I cannot tolerate in my studio, it is straight pins scattered on the floor or counter. I love a good pincushion!

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