Thursday, February 3, 2011

Trees teach us and comfort us

Coexist, Georgianne Holland, 2010
"I am a tree of the field, and I honor that about me. I have been planted here in the earth to nourish, give comfort, and shelter other forms. I am a vital expression of support and supply." Paraphrased from Science of the Mind, January, 2011.

I often look for tree inspiration and these words speak to me today. When trees are a part of my life, I think it enhances my daily living. If I were to live on the tundra or any other treeless landscape, I would feel at a loss, even "un-comfort-able". Perhaps that is why I relate to the suggestion that trees offer comfort.

Many of my friends and family live in places that are currently being hard-hit by winter weather, with a few complaints about it all coming to the surface. When I am in a long stretch of snow and cold at this time of year, I think about how trees are quite active, or soon will be, running sap and preparing to move into the green part of the year. Not long from now, as time marches by quickly, the leaves will be unfurling and the days will begin stretching longer with light. Trees teach me to relax and rejuvenate in the winter--to stay inside and sleep a little longer. I do feel right about being a tree-like personality in this world, or at least, I aspire to this ideal. How about you?

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