Monday, February 21, 2011

Journal Cover Competition from Nestle and Soar Studio

Redhead Journal
May I have your feedback? I'm placing cover art for my upcoming series of journals on this post and it is my hope is you will look at them all. The feedback I need is simple! As a comment posted to this blog, please tell me your top 3 favorites in order, beginning with the journal you'd love to have in your hands right now! On March 3rd I will tally everyone's opinions and post again with the results. A prize from my Nestle and Soar Studio of a free journal is up for grabs! Let me know your opinion and I will put your name in a random drawing. Fun? I'm having fun just looking at these images, and I hope you will, too!
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Standing Sentry Journal

Freckled Egg Journal
Sweetheart Owl Journal

1 comment:

DGT said...

My top three for Journal covers are :

1. Tree
2 Eggs in nest
3. Owl