Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dust in my Drawers

The lovely before picture...
There is dust in all of my drawers, and everywhere else for that matter, and I couldn't be more pleased! My eyes are a little itchy and the fumes of fresh paint are being carried away through the window flung wide into this 61-degree Colorado day. We are almost two weeks into a major home renovation and as I type, I hear the saws and hammers keeping time with country music. While I am looking forward to the final results in another week, I am just so grateful for the project to finally be underway! This is happy dust!

As I have been without my own bathroom for 2 weeks, I have reevaluated my morning and evening routines regarding rituals like a long hot soak in the tub and spreading out all of my miracle wrinkle-fighting products for hourly use. When one has to squeeze all of her gear into a much smaller space (and share it with a man), one learns to streamline. As it is soon to be springtime, I sense that lots of simplifying, organizing, and freshening up is going to happen in our household---and in our yard! The bird feeders have been full with happy visitors all week and the early spring flowers have begun to peek up through the hard, winter dirt. I need to make sure that all the fun and games going on in the house (and all the dusting that will soon take place) does not keep me from enjoying my favorite time of year in the great outdoors.

I hope you have big springtime plans, too! I'm off to "supervise" the installation of my new claw-foot bathtub. I look forward to reclaiming my most relaxing rituals in the near future.

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