Saturday, March 19, 2011

Symbolic Meaning of Birds in Needlework

Love In Bloom Image in Belarusian Knitting
I thoroughly enjoyed my coffee this morning over my March/April 2011 copy of Piecework magazine. The house was really quiet, the coffee was hot, and this issue included an article by Donna Druchunas, where she references the symbolic meaning of bird images. Here's what I loved learning today about birds in needlework.

If you see two birds, one following the other, it symbolizes the beginning of love!

If you see two birds facing a budding tree, it represents love in bloom!

If you see two birds facing away from each other (sniff), it represents fading love!

If you see two birds facing a tree full of leaves, it represents the memory of past love!

In my imagination, I can envision an intricate needlework being created by an elderly woman who is processing her feelings for past loves, perhaps both sweet and sorrowful memories for her, and how her needlework represents an unspoken part of her life. Isn't it romantic? I think so! Needlework in this case is therapy, or perhaps an outlet prior to consciousness-raising women's groups! Let's see, what would I like to stitch may be faster to just call a girlfriend and chat!

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