Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Handmade Blue and White Vase (thanks to Kitty Cat)

There was a short line of women who wanted to buy this vase, and I was in that mix. The tallest lady looked like she might knock the rest of us over and pluck this prize off the shelf, and with those long legs, pay the cashier like a winner. I held my ground while I began formulating a consumer strategy.

A conversation began amongst these ladies-in- waiting, with a few nervous laughs thrown in, along with one elbow to the back of the mother-daughter team (who were the first to exit this consumer-dance). It was good to know that all the gals who saw this striking hand-thrown and painted vase knew they were looking at something impressive. And the color blue! I did not realize how attached some people are to this color. The words "perfect and cheerful" were used with such heart-felt emotion. I thought, I must wait them out.

In the end, it was a curious kitty cat that helped me purchase and bring home my lovely new vase. In this garden/art shop in Denver, the outside and the inside shop spaces flow freely, one to the next, and a curious cat had wandered into the room behind us. She had quietly leaped onto a rack of glass hummingbird feeders, and the next thing we knew, a crash with the sound of shattered glass was followed by surprised shouts and pointing by the vase-drooling ladies! This interruption and the frantic efforts of the sweet 20-year-old cashier to clear away broken glass caused the line to dissipate, and in about 5 minutes of deep longing, the vase and I stood alone, victorious.

If you look at the rhythm of the design on this vase and the charm of each element, you will know what I first loved about this simple vessel. The texture of the thick glaze helps me think about every brush stroke. I totally appreciate the skill displayed by this ceramic artist. I wish that the vase were signed on the bottom so that I could give appropriate credit. It just says "2003", which makes me wonder how in the world it lasted so long without a place to call home. It seems happy holding my daffodils and tulips today--perhaps even perfect and cheerful! I sincerely thank you, Kitty Cat. Your strategy worked for me!

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