Thursday, March 31, 2011

Getting Ready to Launch my new Nestle and Soar Website!

Whitney Smith's Bird Lidded Vessel in 3 colors from
Nestle and Soar Studio online...soon!
I have been working on my new website for a few months now and am beginning to wonder, "Will it ever be done?"

I am a low-tech girl dependent upon a high-tech geek who has lots of other websites to build and maintain. Did you know I'm becoming impatient with this process? I thought so.

I am going to chill about it all for today and while I do that, I will pass along a photo of one of the great new products I will be featuring on my NestleAndSoar website in the near future! This is a great optimistic statement from me! I would love to know what you think of Whitney Smith's Bird Lidded Vessel. I think it captures the Nestle and Soar vibe quite nicely. Whitney is a talented ceramics artist in California who hand sculpts the little birds for her dish lids. I'm excited to add her wonderful fine craft to my new studio shop.

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