Sunday, February 21, 2010

Spring is in the air--somewhere behind the snow that is falling!

The snow has been falling all weekend here in Westminster Colorado. It is a gentle snow, like powdered sugar that adds up over time. The bunny tracks in my backyard appear, are filled in by the snow, reappear in another part of the yard, and then--oh my goodness--it looks like the bunnies have been dancing with raccoon tracks! I've yet to see any of the creatures, but I am enjoying watching their footprints.

Spring is in the air though; I am longing for it anyway. I've got a hyacinth bulb inside of the house, and it is about 2 feet tall now, getting ready to blossom; so am I. I'm excited to hear baby birds in their nests, see daffodils pop out of my flower bed, and listen to gentle rain on my porch roof while I sit outside for once.

A lovely gal at included my Bird's-Eye View Pillow in her Spring is in the Air blog.
If you are ready for spring, you may want to check out Lora's collection of fresh items. I'm showing my bird pillow here for you too!

Here's hoping that where ever you are, be it warm or snowy, busy or serene, that you have a chance to nestle and soar today!


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Lora said...

thanks for mentioning my blog! i just love this adorable birdie pillow!
have a blessed sunday,