Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Green

Kermit the Frog may have had a hard time being green, but it is getting easier for artists every day. I think about eco-friendly ways to be artistic. This first happened when I was using a lot of stinky sprays and varnishes in my studio and I gave myself a huge headache. I had to go outside and put my head between my knees, I became so dizzy from the fumes. My nose felt burned and so did my lungs. My kids said, "You got high on the fumes!" This was not a nice kind of high. I proved it to them by losing my lunch. I wonder if this experience is why I cannot remember as well as I used to? I digress...

Choosing art supplies and materials that were created using sustainable materials or environmentally conscious manufacturing processes is now important to me. Here are a few things I have learned!
  • Strathmore Windpower Series is a line of papers made with 100% windpower, a pollution free, renewable energy resource.
  • ReBinder offers 100% recycled products including binders, folders, and journals which I love.
  • Decorative papers from Lokta has no adverse effect on forest ecology. Toxic chemicals in papermaking are a real issue, so I like the folks at a company named Mr. Ellie Pooh.
  • Eco-House offers solvents in graduated potency strengths. Using their line of solvents, I can get the job done with the mildest version.
  • I learned that the acrylic paints I use release fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than my previous brand. I was happy to know because I originally chose the line based on color choices. The folks at Meininger in Boulder had all of the material safety data sheets and were very helpful.
  • I now have a safe holding space for old supplies like paints and solvents. I wrote the contact info for our Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment on the box. They can help me dispose of these items properly. I keep my stash well away from my fibers. Some stains and solvents will combust and I do not want my lovely wool (or my lovely studio) to go up in flames! Visit here for more information.
  • Studio ventilation is critical. I keep windows open as weather allows for cross ventilation. I run the bathroom fan all year long to keep air moving out of the studio. I keep floor fans going to move the air during the winter. I take breaks often and enjoy sunshine and fresh air.
What kind of eco-friendly ways to you do Green? Let's compare notes!
I hope your creative life is healthy in every way,

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Charlotte said...

Great suggestions and very helpful information!

As a fyi -- you mentioned in your Etsy reply that you "never seem to get my photos and captions where I want them!"

I have had the same problem. Curretnly I'm still using the "old" google editor format which is easier for me personally to manipulate.

The option to change editing format- is located under SETTINGS and then select heading for BASIC. Near the bottom of this page you'll see an option to change formats: (New, Old, or hide composition format)

You might try the "Old" editor format and see if maybe this editing format is easier for you to re-size and cut & paste photographs?

Whenever I'm posting photo's and/or video links on my sidebar: I just change the HTML code so that photo's fits and/or I'll take a photograph and re-size photograph and then "save and replace and then upload the corrected photograph.

That's probably a back door way of doing things but in my opionion these new google layouts are very quirky and sizebar photo's usually don't upload and fit unless the size that the photo has been save is correct to begin with.

I hope this information is helpful. You have a lovely blog and I look forward to following you.