Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Grandma Willow Tree is Pure Poetry

In case you aren't all sick and tired of my talking about being a grandmother, here we go some more.

I found this lovely sculpture on etsy today and wanted to share it with all of you. A talented artist named Tanja Sova created this tree in remembrance of sitting under a willow tree at her grandmother's house. Isn't that a great memory! I have often thought, especially after seeing the apple tree scene in The Wizard of Oz, that trees have faces hidden in their bark. This sculpture by Tanja proves that to be true.

[Click the Wizard of Oz above and I will magically transport you to Dorothy and her friends.]

You can enjoy Tanja's etsy shop at this link.

So because I've probably crossed the line in how many times I've mentioned my grandmotherly joy, I wanted to tell you a willow tree fun fact about my childhood! Well, it is kind of a new topic...

Yes, I am a published poet since that fantastic day when Miss Sargent sent my Willow Tree poem to Highlights Magazine, and they, in their poetic wisdom, decided to publish said poem in 1967. Because I figure that if you have read this far, you'd probably read all the way to the end of this post, I will type from memory my amazing poem. Enjoy!

Willow Tree
by Georgianne Leman

As I sit under a weeping willow tree
I think now, let me see
How many times have I sat here before?
How many times have I looked out the door?
How many times have I seen the Sun, a smile on its face
Looking down on the whole human race

Thanks for stopping by. I promise to open my heart to new topics in the near future,
Georgianne, also known as gma

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Tanja Sova said...

Ahhhhhhh.... I wish I can go back in time and talk with my Nana now. Thank you so much, Georgianne, for writing this post. I think that generations of our parents and grandparents were blessed to be in nature far more than we are, and to have creativity and connection comes from there, undistracted with all electric devices we allow ourselves to be distracted with. I was working as a biologist in Serbia. Incredibly how many times people were passing the tree on which dozens of owls were roosting, completely unaware of their presence, let alone something less visible to our sense.
Thank you for sharing the poem with us :D
I love it. Rather strong one, considering your age at that time!