Monday, March 5, 2012

Before and After...Everything Creative in its Place

Nestle and Soar Desk Before
Nestle and Soar Workstation Before
There are those who tell me that the creative personality is messy. Having an artistic stash is almost a permission slip to have too much; too many materials and supplies, anyway. I certainly appreciate the messiness that comes from having multiple projects going at once in my studio and in my office. Maybe that is a learned habit that moms develop, like making sure each of her children is thriving simultaneously.

Nestle and Soar Desk After
Nestle and Soar Workstation After
Mostly though, I enjoy simplicity and tidiness. It is not unusual for me to spend the last 20 minutes of each day walking around my home and my studio, putting items back where they belong. And I do have designated places where items belong! A chaotic home makes me feel a little twitchy, just as I imagine my tidiness prowls before bedtime make my family a little twitchy!

I did thoroughly enjoy emptying out my office last week and taking responsibility for the mess it had become. I convinced myself that the piles of paperwork I was building slowly over time were logical, but really, they were just an excuse for incomplete work. I also couldn't make myself admit that some of the paperwork I was saving (with the excuse that they were important) were never actually going to be acted upon by me. I needed to get real with myself. I am so glad that I did! By cleaning out the office -- literally taking everything off of each surface --I knew that I would have to justify everything I brought back into the space after the dusting was finished. And let me tell you, it feels wonderful to kiss many of those important papers good bye!

I think my next tidying project will be refurbishing my Dream Board which is above the workstation in photo if dreams are ever actually a tidy experience!

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larkspur funny farm said...

I struggle with my need to order and my creative spirit having dozens of projects going all over the place. You did an amazing job and you should be proud. Enjoy and put your feet up.

Joyce said...

Hi Georgianne, I too struggle with a very "busy" office. I have been working on "history" as well as re-doing my address book. I still have a box of Maynard's business sitting here, till all is accomplished. I also have two boxes of pictures I took down out of the house because I am tired of dusting them. When I went to dismantle the picture frames, I found I do not want to put most of these pictures in a book. Any Ideas for them? I like to be reminded of family, friends and our roots!!
My sewing room is another issue!! It seems it becomes a "storage room" when in need of space for items that have to be "placed somewhere!" By the way, I like the wall paper! Had lunch yesterday with JoAnn and Karen from
Mn. Fun!

Georgianne Holland said...

Thanks Grace! Putting my feet up sounds wonderful :)