Friday, April 13, 2012

Studio Scene at Nestle and Soar

Inventory wall in the Nestle and Soar studio, near Boulder, Colorado

There is always a riot of color in my fiber folk art studio! I have tried to keep the walls fairly neutral because I know full well that my fiber art will be bright with color.

The needle felting process always includes steam-pressing the wool. It is important to use a pressing cloth.

The dry felting of birds and trees onto linen is still my favorite medium. These pieces become decorative pillows or wall art; this bird piece will eventually be a pillow.

The ledge that is built into this wall of my studio is a wonderful place to display fun items as well as keep regularly-used items within easy reach.

I don't know how I could ever compact my studio items into a smaller space at this point! If I don't have enough room to display, for instance, my favorite Nancy Drew book, how could I make do?

What is your favorite "unnecessary/necessary" item in your creative space?

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