Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Storage Inspiration for Creative Women

Do you consider yourself to be an organized person? I thought I was, too, until I found out about the creative women who came up with these wonderful storage solutions. Now I just think I am inspired to be organized.

I love labels. I love signage. The world needs more signage.

Clear plastic bins are genius. Clear bins with labels: super genius.
I am a big fan of doors on storage. Dust happens, and these doors minimize that.
Messy food containers are a pet peeve of mine: this is a great system!
If you have fond memories about the Dewey Decimal System, like I do, these drawers are extra special.

I hope you feel organizationally inspired! I know that my garage needs to not only be organized, but hosed out. Perhaps that chore will make it to the top of my priority list on the next warm Colorado day....after I walk around the lake, that is. And refill the bird feeders. And eat an ice cream cone...while reading. But once I get to it, you have to know, there will be labels.

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Judy Alexander said...

Looks great and organized! I have been working on cleaning my studio space for several weeks and finally have it under control....at least for a while.