Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Eco-Chic is on Trend, and that makes us Cool!

Fiber art is a labor of love.
Saying "Eco-Chic" or any other term for describing the environmentally-friendly fiber art objects I make, no longer causes folks to say, "Huh?" Deborah Rent in the Chronicle Herald says that Eco-Chic is definitely trendy, and may even enter the territory of being hip. "When you tell people you're decorating your home by choosing environmentally sustainable products, you feel good about instantly up your cool quota."

So what is cool about choosing organic fabric to design my home decor pillows? Farmers who grow cotton, hemp, bamboo or linen fibers organically to manufacture fabric are easier on the soil, the people who handle that fabric, and the consumer. Many organic farmers are masters at crop rotation, which keeps the 80% of our planet's biodiversity in the soil healthy. No synthetic chemicals are used, and they skip the poisons like formaldehyde and heavy metals. Yuck! And decorating organic fabrics by hand, like I do in my designs, feels right. I invest a lot of time and care in my home decor items. They are a labor of love and they deserve a high-quality foundational fabric!

I am always on the lookout for certified organic products for my art. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) states that certifying organics is mutually beneficial for everyone involved in an organic cotton supply chain as it insures integrity in their processing and labeling. I am excited to grow my design business into a organization that can add to the cause of greening your home! Besides, I've always loved thinking of myself as hip and cool.

What kind of eco-chic items are you loving right now? I'd like to hear about it!

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