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Mixed Media Techniques Workshop with Judith Cassel-Mamet

Judith Cassel-Mamet
I would like to share the fun I had at a recent workshop lead by Judith Cassel-Mamet on layering color and text for mixed media art. A group of  ten creative ladies met at this workshop in Denver, held at the new, and extremely popular venue, aBuzz Gallery. This large, light-filled space was the perfect meeting place for the color mixing and enthusiastic leadership style Judith offers so generously!

I asked Judith, who is an active teacher as well as a successful mixed media artist, to talk to me a bit about creativity and inspiration. Here's what she had to say.

Georgianne Holland: "When did you start focusing on altered books and art journals as a medium/avenue for your creativity? How did that come to pass?"
Judith Cassel-Mamet: "As I was about to retire from a high school art teaching career, I had the opportunity to work at DU developing a class called "Creative
Example of Judith's layering of text, texture and color
Expressions".  As I investigated research on creativity I became passionate about de-bunking the myth that creativity is something that you are either born with or are lucky enough to be struck with some time in your life.

This myth 'of genius' has closed the door not only on people who jumped off their perceived creative train as kids, but on the weekend artist/crafter who thinks of themselves as 'less than" or not worthy of the title of Artist. This is the background for exploring art journals and a mixed media approach to all things book related.

Most folks know about the split brain theory (left directed thinking = writing, math, linear and right directed = art, drawing, conceptual) so guiding my students to keep a mixed media journal that combines text and visuals seemed like a perfect way to help others cultivate their creative expression. While helping my students I just got deeper and deeper into the mixed media journal world and now have completed over 50 art journals and have amassed a ridiculous library of art journal, collage and mixed media books. I am
Workshop on layering color and texture
constantly on the lookout for no-fail techniques to create rich, textured layers and I love combining text with visuals. Even though the split brain theory is now considered overly simplistic (it has been replaced with the 'brain-set' research) I still find that there is an amazing freedom in art journaling! So, I love teaching workshops that encourage authentic expression, fearless exploration and good messy fun.

GH: "Do you believe fine craft artists like yourself are helped or hindered by the prevalence of online business models and website presentation methods?"
JCM: "How do I feel about social media and on-line work? I love it! I have connected with the most interesting folks often through random noodling around! It is easy to get images up and to learn from the whole world of mixed media arts through all the popular sites. Once I decided not to worry about whether I needed to wear some makeup for my YouTube video tutorials I have been having a blast filming and sharing."

Judith uses vintage books for her fabulous journals
GH: "Who would you name as an inspiration to you as an artist?"
JCM: "My inspiration? At this point it is Carol Ann Waugh who is the most generous artist, marketer and friend I know in the art world."

If you are interested in learning more about Judith and her creativity-inspiring workshops, here is information that will help you along that path! Thank you to Judith for a wonderful workshop experience and for this lovely discussion today. GH
Judith's Workshop Schedule

Dear Blog Friends: I would love to know who you think of as your biggest inspiration today! Please comment and let us all learn about what fuels your amazing life.

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