Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Aspen Grove Fiber Art Commission -- Photo Storytelling

A pair of Aspen Grove Pillows have been commissioned at Nestle And Soar! I will begin by creating the distant mountains. I love a combination of deep navy and royal blue wool. I will work in some deep purples, too.

I will add some warm rusts, green and lavenders in the forest floor at the base of the Aspen Grove. The aspen tree forms are added using long tufts of ivory alpaca wool. A little bright orange wool will be needle felt to start the tree foliage.

All of the wool felt batt has become tree and forest undergrowth, carefully hand needle-felt into place. The next step is adding aspen tree leaves in the uppermost part of the forest canopy. Don't you just love the sound of aspen trees quaking in the mountains? These leaves have all gone gold already!

Aspen leaves cut from wool sheet felt are prepared for hand applique. I have not counted how many leaves I applied to the first pillow in this set of two...do I dare keep track of this kind of detail? I think not. I would rather just keep adding leaves until this special pillow is as lovely as can be!

Stay tuned...as the week continues in my Nestle And Soar studio, I will be sewing my customer's parent's initials into the trunk of the largest aspen tree in this grove. Shh..it's a special gift for their 50th anniversary!

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Olga Wassupbrothers said...

So beautiful!

Georgianne Holland said...

Thank you Olga! There is something spectacular about a grove of Aspen trees!