Tuesday, August 6, 2013

One-of-a-Kind Fiber Art for Home Decor

The art and craft of dry felting, also known as needle felting, is a time-consuming technique that is perfect for detail-oriented artists like me. There is nothing about needle felting that happens quickly! Unlike knitting or cross-stitch embroidery, this fine craft technique does not require me to count stitches or follow patterns, but it does require multiple passes over the design field...and by multiple, I mean thousands of needle passes into the design motif!

I find dry needle felting as an art form to be quite meditative, perhaps because of the rhythmic movement it requires. For anyone who also makes art using this needlework technique, you will agree with me when I say the faster you try to create, the less likely the result will be of superior quality. Trust me when I say that I am not complaining about needle felting! It is important to me that fans of hand-felted fiber art understand this art form so that when they select a textile or tapestry for their special home, they know the process behind the beautiful results. That is why I have designated my artwork in four simple categories:

Limited Edition items are fan favorite designs that I create multiple times at Nestle And Soar in Colorado, yet I will not make more than 250 of any design! The time it takes to make one of these items varies, and sometimes I will have one ready to ship to you right away. It's nice to know that your home will be decorated with unique items not found on every corner.

Made to Order items, designated with a pencil and ruler icon, are eco-chic home decor creations that are particularly time-consuming to make, so I wait until you request that item, and then I make one specifically for you! Some people want me to make the design exactly as pictured, and other people ask me to change something in the design so that it is perfect for them. When I do that, and I love to do that, the item becomes a custom piece.

I love Customized projects in my studio! In this situation, I work directly with you before I begin the creative process, adding personalized details like "carving" your sweetheart's initials in the trunk of a tree, or making you a pillow with your mother's all-time favorite bird. This kind of personalization is a privilege for me to make.

Another example of a customized item involves a photo you have taken of a favorite landscape, which I then help you remember with a fiber art tapestry for wall display. Custom orders are the most-often requested item in my studio and I rarely make a second piece like the custom item I've made for you! The needle and thread icon represents an art piece that can be customized, but truly, I am happy to customize every design I make, and here is an easy link to that service at Nestle And Soar.

Ready to Ship
The final category in my online studio is the Ready to Ship designation, and that is perfect for fans of my fiber art who would like to have their fun fiber art delivered sooner than later. With this category, highlighted with the ribbon-decorated package, the time-consuming process of creating the item happened and it is ready to be shipped to you right away. This is great for you when shopping for a gift, especially if you are short on time. And whose not short on time? Well, I guess I better not be short on time too often, as I have a passion for creating art that demands lots of time! Thank you for being part of that process with me. When I envision my fiber art becoming a family heirloom for others, it makes my heart sing.

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