Saturday, September 19, 2009

A beginning...


When I think of Nestle And Soar, I imagine the soft energies of relaxing into the comfort of a real hug or the feeling of gliding up above the clouds, on a breeze that keeps me afloat.

So I named my artistic experience Nestle And Soar because I want to use my imagination to animate the folk art and treasures I create with this soft energy. That gives me great joy.
Lately, and thus this blog, I have realized that my folk art is just one way that my life is charmed with Nestle And Soar. It is also fully a part of my spiritual experience, as well as my human life.

This blog is the place I have decided to investigate how this soft energy really matters to me. I am hopeful that it will matter to others--perhaps even to you. I invite you to have a dialogue with me and others who find this blog. I look forward to hearing about your experience with the energy of nestle and soar. I think it would be great to learn from each other.

I am including today a photo of one of my folk art pillows. I call it Red Bird -- super clever of me! It's how I started on this investigation and I honor that by including it here. You can see more of my folk art and graceful treasures at

I do believe that everyone deserves the chance to nestle and soar in their own way. I wish that for you and I wish you well.

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