Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trying New Things

It has been a few days since I visited my blog, or anyone's blog, for that matter. When a series of busy days present themself, it is difficult to get all the way down the list.

I try to make time for new experiences, and that can eat up my day. I think trying new things is vital to an interesting life. I can get in a rut as good as anybody, and there is some comfort in having a predictable day. But do you really want to be repetitive?

I am trying new things with needle felting. I know that sounds incredible and way out on the limb--but I do what I can! Folk art, like any kind of art, is really not new even when it is labeled contemporary. Folk art actually is charming when it reminds us of the past. My needlefelted folk art requires new things of me all the time though. And experiementation in art is the only new thing my busy schedule has allowed this week.

Maybe next week I will have time to try a new wine, or visit a town I've never been to, or make a new friend? I'm hoping that happens...

I am attaching a photo of a needlefelted purse that is a work in progress. This is my first attempt, and there is still a lot to learn! You can see all of my folk art and graceful treasures at http://nestleandsoar.etsy.com/. I hope you will visit soon!

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