Sunday, September 20, 2009

Have a little faith...

I suspect that all artists have had to develop faith. I am not thinking of an organized religion kind of faith, although there are likely lots of those folks who are artists. I'm speaking more of faith as a belief in the value of what is created.

I like to connect in my heart and mind with creative energy, and I believe that what I make is going to speak to or please others. This is faith to me. It is also like religious faith, in my mind, as submitting to the goodness of creative energy happens in my studio like it does in church.

I also have faith that leading the life of a contemporary folk artist is a path that will support me. I have faith in the life of art.

Sometimes art does not seem practical. When people are trying so hard to feed their family and educate their kids, is there really a place for art or the expense of art? Perhaps it is during the times of greatest struggle that having a life filled with beauty is most important?

If you are an artist, how do you think about all of this?

I am really into birds and so I am including today a photo of felt nest I made. It is light and woven by making felt from wool yarn. The eggs are wooden and handpainted. If you like this nest, you can see more of them at

I hope you have a beautiful day!

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