Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Heart Art

My heart is bursting with love! Today is definitely a heart-themed day for me. After more than a year of trying to manage my heart health through diet and exercise, and a little bit of worry, I got word today that all is well! The blood tests reveal that my family history of heart disease will not be my undoing. A little bit of statin drugs and a whole lotta oatmeal, along with many hours of walking and a vegetarian diet, was all it took!

To celebrate this banner day in my life, let me show you a little bit of heart I made today. I am not yet finished; there are dozens of seed beads to be sewn. But this heart plump (don't you love that word?) is ready for its close-up.

I invite you to visit my etsy shop. One day soon, a wool heart plump pincushion will be ready for you to buy there!

I hope your heart is bursting with love. Let's all warm up a bowl of oatmeal!


DGT said...

I love everything!Your art and your spirit for life are a joy for the less talented.

I remember home ec as a drudgery in school. I was such a tomboy, I would have rather had wood shop :) But later in life I met a home ec teacher for DPS who was a patient of mine. She was a wonderful lady who shared many stories of the classroom. After 20+ years, she still stands out as a light in my life. Home ec teachers are NOT a dime a dozen and should be cherished.

Georgianne Holland said...

I really enjoyed hearing of your memory of that wonderful lady. Do you think that home ec teachers are kind of like a motherly connection for us? I think people look for life skills encouragement and that it is hard-wired in us to seek out a feminine role model. I do think these role models, whether they are our moms or like the mom we wish we had, should be cherished. That's a great word for it!