Saturday, March 20, 2010

Inside my studio

I love to read about artist's studios. Where Women Create is one of my favorite Sunday afternoon reads. What I see in pictures of studio space is positive energy! An art and craft studio is exciting and I feel truly blessed to have my own studio. I have claimed an entire floor of our home for Nestle and Soar Studio. My dear husband Ted is encouraging and a regular visitor to this creative zone. I think I need a more comfortable chair to encourage him to stay longer, however! For the most part, I do my creativity standing up. My tables are lifted to counter height and I can move from station to station, which feeds my multi-tasking personality.

The best part of my studio is my ping pong table! Besides the fact that I am a mighty ping-pong player (just ask my kids!), this large horizontal surface is ideal for fiber arts. On my ping-pong table I can stage multiple projects, organize a large order for packing, and rotary cut projects involving yards and yards of fabric. When I invite students into my studio for workshops (which I do, so watch this blog for information), I can set up 6 sewing machines with ease.

When I retreat to my studio each day and see the luxurious space I call my own, it helps me feel the value of my art and creativity. I wish for you today the joy of claiming a creative space you can call your own.

Nestle and Soar!

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Erin said...

I'm new to your blog and love what I see so far - I also work primarily with wool - but mostly up-cycled sweaters. I'm a mother of two little ones and am getting ready to carpet my very first craft room! It is small, so I love your thoughts on keeping the craft activities to a manageable number. I'll mark your blog as a favorite - thanks! Erin (