Sunday, April 25, 2010

Free Trees!

I am super excited by an opportunity I found today while researching for my new website! More on that new website later :) I found the Arbor Day Foundation website and really want to spread the word about this wonderful non-profit organization.

I found these folks and their site at

It is chock-full of information about how important trees are to the health of the planet and all of her inhabitants. When you become a member, the cost is $15 for a 1-year term, and you will be sent 10 free trees to plant in your area. Now I'm sure these trees are small, but they are trees, and as I am so very fond of trees, I want everyone I know to learn about this!

After you become a member of Arbor Day Foundation, you can also receive continuing education through their many expert newsletters and programs. And if you want a simple yet meaningful gift for someone, how about having trees planted in their honor in a National Forest? I did this a few years ago for my mom. She loves trees, too, so a few hundred were planted in a National Forest to celebrate her day! I think it is lovely and I hope you will enjoy checking into this.

Here's wishing you a gentle nap in the soft green grass under a shady tree!


Laura said...

I want to do this! That would be so much fun to do, I wonder where we could actually plant them if we're living in a apartment?

Georgianne Holland said...

Free Trees as a new member of the Arbor Day Foundation are also good for those living in an apartment! You could give away some of your free trees. You could plant them in your mom's yard. You could invite friends on a picnic and plant some of the trees in a ceremonial fashion to commemorate a successful semester at school! Trees are good everywhere and for everyone!