Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lover's Tree

I remember Tommy only vaguely now...42 years ago my mind was crisp. On that day, when I carved a "T" and a "G" into that old maple tree, I believed it was the right thing to do. It felt so right! I felt such an amazing rush from declaring my first love. Unfortunately, as my father explained it, my love had forever damaged that lovely tree. And when it was discovered that I'd taken the paring knife from my mom's kitchen to make this poetic statement of undying love, I had a new sense of right vs wrong. I got to think about it, and little else, for the next two weeks of being grounded.

Tommy is only a vague memory now, but I've memorialized that youthful time with this latest pillow. Needle felted by hand and cute as can be, it reminds me of Tommy...cute, loved, mostly a figment of my imagination. Those were the days!

Hope you are all reminiscing about your first love right about now! If so, my job is done...

Best wishes,


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