Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunflower Power - Brilliant!

It has been unseasonably warm here in Colorado. The leaves are falling under my favorite tree and my front yard needs to be vacuumed with the lawn mover later today (you are wonderful, Ted)! I suppose it is time, despite our warm week, to think about the impending season change. I guess that is why, when I saw this stunning sunflower by Cordavelera on etsy, I had to show it to you. Do you realize that the center of this flower is made of hundreds of beads? I love it! Click on the link and you will see all of of Cordavelera's wonderful creativity.
Sunflower Brooch

I have often wondered if sunflowers really do turn to follow the sun, like you sometimes hear about. I looked it up and found a reference called "Mr. Smarty Pants", which makes me smile! Mr. SP says this following the sun action is called Heliotropism. There is a collection of specialized cells at the base of the flower bud or leaf that allow the flower to track the sun. He claims it is easy to understand why heliotropism is advantageous for leaves. Turning the leaf perpendicular to the sun provides maximum sunlight to power photosynthesis. The sunflower (and other flowers) track the sun so that insects are attracted to the warmth from the sun and their presence is necessary for pollination to occur. He also says that mature sunflowers stop tracking the sun, which makes me wonder if this is a sunflower's menopause? Mr. Smarty Pants did not say as much, but perhaps I'm onto something here!

It is interesting to me how when you are a mature woman, you get these brilliant insights into the cycle of all life. Perhaps the world would be a far better place if it was governed by menopausal women having flashes of brilliance? Just a thought...

As I digress further, I will leave you now...thanks for stopping by!

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