Saturday, October 23, 2010

Encouraging Words

They don't look like they need any more encouragement!
How often should a person hear encouraging words? Is it needy to want to hear them every day? What is so hard about giving encouragement? When is encouragement sincere, and when is it manipulative? Hmmmm.

I would like to hear encouragement more often than I do, and I suspect others feel the same way. As a self-employed person, there is no annual review. As a mom, my kids are raised and living life large on their own (see evidence photo), so I don't get the chance to say "You can do it!" as often as I once did. And don't get me started about my cooking! I am married to a man with a healthy appetite, and if food could be described as edible, he's happy. So when I take a lot of time preparing a meal, he's just as happy as when I plop a bowl of cereal in front of the guy!

Maybe I need to think about this encouragement thing in a different way. Encouragement is not really like praise, which is a complement. Encouragement is more like telling someone that indeed, they do have what it takes, even in this time of uncertainty or struggle. Perhaps I don't hear encouraging things often these days because, frankly, my life is pretty set and simple. The hills I climbed in the past, when I care to look at them, are a vista in the distance. My daily life (with that easy-to-please husband) is comfortable and healthy. Being self-employed is a blessing in so many ways, and if I really want to hear how I'm doing, it is easy to look at things, like my customer's feedback or my checkbook.

I still enjoy being encouraging to others, however. And I'd like to be that for you. Whatever is a struggle for you today, know that if you take a moment to reflect and center yourself, you do truly have all the talents and required personal power to make it through. I send you a pat on the back, a thanks for that great meal, and a job-well-done! Pass it on!

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