Monday, October 11, 2010

Let's Celebrate Wool Week

I learned that beginning today through Oct. 17th is Wool Week, as instigated by the Prince of Wales. He is calling this event The Campaign for Wool. I have found a wonderful article about this celebration which also explains what wool growers from England are experiencing today.  Wool Week Article Link

I make my living thanks to wool, so perhaps I am a little obsessive about the stuff? I do thoroughly enjoy working with wool, and often think of the saying I heard once: "If you don't like your work, you are doing someone else's job." Well, I definitely like my work with wool, so I will be celebrating wool week! Will you join me? Do you knit, needle felt, or embroider with wool? I'd love to see a photo of what you make!

This adorable earflap baby hat can be found on Etsy at KuDum. This gorgeous handspun yarn can be found on Etsy as well at LeafGreenHandmade. I may need to add to my celebration of wool by making a purchase with these Etsy is almost gift-giving time.

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