Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Duplicating Myself

CafePress Apron with my Art
It is fun to think about all the items one can have photographs applied to these days. I notice on that lots of folks are selling reproductions of their original art as such things as note cards, coffee cups, and wall art. It makes sense to me, as there are only so many 35-hour hand needle felts I can create! If I can take a great photo of my original fiber art and have it printed onto a quality item, that sounds good to me!

I had the folks at CafePress make this apron for me. I'm planning to wear it at holiday craft shows in December! It has large pockets that will come in handy during a busy selling day. It was fun to see how my photograph would look applied to a canvas apron.

Field of Flowers, 16" x 20"
 I have also started working with the friendly people at FinePrint Imagaing in Fort Collins, Colorado. They have a special studio set-up I can use to have my wool wall felts photographed, and the image will be color-corrected by a pro there. (The image I'm showing to the left was photographed by me. Their version will be so clear, I'll be able to reproduce it with pride.) Those images can then be printed onto gallery wrapped canvas or several other substrates! I'm looking forward to seeing how this will work for me. Stay tuned! If you were to have a lovely, textural folk art image displayed in your home, what size would you want it to be?

I wish I could duplicate myself tomorrow as I begin cooking for 10 people at 5am--maybe my husband will be like a mirror image of me :) I do know he's the one to rise and shine and put the turkey in the oven! Happy Thanksgiving to each of you...

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