Friday, November 5, 2010

Handmade Baby Doll -- Perfect for your little girl!

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Our granddaughter Aliyah turns 2 years old this week. I'm excited to share some birthday cake with her and her folks! She is just starting to  understand babies, now that she has a little brother, and I thought it would be ideal to give her a doll baby of her own to cuddle. I asked my friend, Terry Gonzales, to make a special birthday gift for her, and I wanted to show you the exciting results!

This little doll baby is handmade from soft cotton fabric, and her face and heart are embroidered. Terry made a soft white diaper that is easy for little fingers to take on and off, as well as three adorable outfits!

Deep pockets hold Baby and her clothes
Inside of what I call a portable diaper-changing table, also made of colorful yellow calico, Terry has sewn big pockets to hold the Baby Doll when Aliyah is busy doing other great 2-year-old stuff.

I think that it will take a little girl some time to learn to put all of the items into pockets when she picks up her doll to put her away for the day. I remember that after learning this skill, my kids became really interested in stacking items inside small spaces--like pieces to a puzzle, they learned that everything had its special place. While Aliyah learns to do this, Terry was smart to put hook and loop tape on the edges of this carrier; the doll and her clothes should stay inside, even when they are not in the pockets!

After this carrier is closed, there is a comfy handle that is long enough for Aliyah to carry it on her shoulder. I can see her walking around with this toy like it is a purse! Terry embroiders the child's name on the large outside pocket, and she tucks inside that pocket a sweet little baby doll flannel blanket...she has thought of everything!

I am looking forward to playing with this Doll Baby (with Aliyah, of course). I can see us both on our stomachs, changing the doll clothes, cuddling her like a real baby, and putting extra things in the pockets, like little baby bottles and Aliyah's favorite book. I would have loved this Doll Baby when I was a little girl! I guess I still do!

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