Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Knit One, Crochet One -- from Etsy

Made by HandmaidenBC on
I like to knit and my knitting is super simple and rather brainless. I like to knit scarves from one skein of yarn and I hardly ever try new stitches because my main goal is to stop thinking and let the repetitive motion of knitting relax me.

I found two shopkeepers on Etsy who think a lot harder than I do! The first gal makes jackets for apples, and her creativity makes me smile! After I wash my apple to tuck it into my handbag for a snack later in the day, I'd love to have a pretty little sweater to keep it fresh! Isn't it great? What would you knit a sweater for if you had the skill? Here's a link to find more wonderful knit items on HandmadeBC.

Made by TheBestEtsyShop on

So if I only know limited knitting stitches, I don't know ANY crochet moves. Luckily, I found someone who's got that covered. What do you think of this great crochet Owl Hat? I immediately thought how cute this hat would look on one of our little grandkids, and then I realized that this enthusiastic shopkeeper makes them for adults, too! I know a few darling young adults who could carry it off with great style, but I get a stitch in my side thinking about wearing it myself! With my big round head, I would frighten children in this fun hat! I still love it though, even as I admit I don't often wear hats. I have pulled out my winter walking hat though, which I use to cover my ears on cold walking days like today. There is a dusting of snow on the ground and my hands are chilly as I type today. I guess it is time to turn on the heat!

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